Friday, January 7, 2011

Sarah Palin Ain't Takin' Michelle Obama's Shit

Not Fat People
And I don't blame her.

The "obesity crisis" has always struck me as simple classism or elitism.  The elites don't like looking at ugly people - never have, never will.

In my opinion there's two ways to look at it.  The liberal elite tend to look at it, though they know not why they do, as an issue affecting only America.  The facts tell otherwise.  America sits at a 30% obesity, second place is Mexico at 24%, followed by the UK at 23%, Slovakia 22%, Greece, 21%, Australia, 21%...

Ask a liberal and they will often tell you "America is by far the fattest country in the world".  While the US is at the top of the isn't a blowout by any means.

So, the two ways to look at it:
  1. Poor people in prosperous countries eat less healthy food, not as much arugula as the beautiful people.
  2. Prosperous countries have more money for food, therefore they eat more because we have it good.  You don't see people shooting each other in the streets of Portland Oregon when a U.N. chopper drops a pallet of rice.  You do see that happening in Ethiopia, Somalia, Central African Republic or Zimbabwe...for example.
So, I'm left to wonder why we're to feel so horrible about the way we look.  Is it the old "There's starving kids in China..." your mom used to tell you when you wouldn't eat your cauliflower?  Is it..."How dare you fat white, Southern people look the way you do when we have people all over Africa that can't eat because their warlords wait for US bought food drops, kill all the citizens and steal it for themselves to sell at a nicely inflated price.  You should be ashamed for sitting there eating fried chicken, hamburgers and donuts.  Where's your sense of white guilt pride?"

The article makes a point that everything The Faux Lady does is so politically vetted, pricked and prodded so as to accomplish two things:
  1. Push a political agenda
  2. Make it appear she isn't just a talking head
Pat Nixon was the first First Lady to visit a combat zone.  Bloomer Ford had breast cancer. Rosalyn Carter was worried about mental health (frankly everyone was during the Carter administration).  Nancy Reagan campaigned against youth drug use.  Barbara Bush was a literacy advocate. Rodham simply thought she was the Vice President, as well as "family advocacy".  I'm guessing family advocacy is lawyer speak for "helping poor people".  Laura Bush brought class back to First Lady status and concerned herself with literacy, HIV/AIDS, heart disease and breast cancer.  And don't forget Tipper Gore telling us what kind of music we can listen to and what we can't. 

Go to your favorite music download place and download the Anthrax song "Startin' Up A Posse" and listen to it.  That was rock and roll's answer to Tipper Gore's "Can you stop swearing in your songs please?"  Lyrics after the jump...

"Michelle" Soetoro is worried about fat people. 

Do you see the trend?  The liberals tend to choose things through which they can dictate our behavior, while the conservatives tended to find things that actually helped people - raising funds and advocating for things like breast cancer and literacy.

So again, here we sit...asking the liberals to leave us the fuck alone and live our lives in peace.  We don't need you to teach us anything, thanks Mrs. Palin, we need you to govern.

We don't need your advice.  Please go fix this mess you continue to make and leave us the fuck alone.

If I want to smoke a pack of cigarettes while eating a hamburger using Boston creme donuts instead of buns...I am allowed to do as such.

Fuck off.

The legendary Anthrax and the song, "Startin Up A Posse"

Now I'm gonna tell ya a story
A tale of wrong and Right
and freedom is the reason
You can't take it without a fight

So now I'm startin' up a posse
(Suck my dick, suck my dick)
To come and look for you
We're gonna put a stop
To what you want to do
You fucking whores
(You fuckin' whores)
That's all you are

You say our records are offensive
(You're a douche, You're a douche)
Our messages ain't right
You say "We're gonna label records
So our kids can grow up right"
You fucking whores
(Let them decide)
That's all you are

Shit, fuck, satan, death, sex drugs, rape
These seven words you're trying to take
Shit, fuck, satan, death, sex, drugs, rape
Right or wrong it's our choice to make
America the beautiful, Land of the free
Don't change the words to land of Hypocrisy

Now I'm startin' up a posse
(Fascist scum, fascist scum)
And we'll damn sure make you see
Something that offends you
May not be offensive to me
You fucking whores
(You fuckin' whores)
That's all you are

Now you might take offense
To a word like "fuck" or "shit"
But you fuckin' don't have the right
To discriminate me for saying it!
You fuckin' whores
( You fuckin' whores)
That's all you are

So now I'm startin' up a posse
(Motherfucker, motherfuck)
To fight for freedom of choice
To fight for freedom of speech
We're gonna make you hear our voice

And now I don't do this to shock you
(That's the end, that's the end)
I don't do this for spite
You've got the choice, don't buy it, don't read it,
And don't say your opinion's right
You fucking whores
(You fuckin' whores)
That's all you are
(Cunty, cunty, cunty, cunt)

You know you can't censor my feelings
You can't censor my thoughts
Censorship's against
Everything America stands for
You fuckin' whores
(Let us decide)
That's all you are
(And this ain't sexist, either)

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    1. You know, this fat thing is easily cured forever. Cut out food stamps and school lunch programs. BAM! Problem solved.


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