Friday, January 7, 2011

Seriously, This Story Gives Me The Warm And Fuzzies

This is my firrst nomination for "Feel Good Story Of The Winter".  I plan on posting a few of these (in between my psychotic rants, raves and drivel) every so often and at the end of each season see which one had the staying power to actually remain the "Feel Good Story" of that season.  I expect you to vote early and vote often.

On to it...

Typically, I dislike panhandlers.

I know it's easier said than done, but I would do anything it took - be it flipping burgers, pumping gas, pouring coffee at a Dunkin Donuts, walking up and down the street offering to mow lawns and shovel driveways to scrubbing toilets before asking for a hand out - to get by.  My father just didn't bring me up that way

But there's something about this guy (ya gotta scroll a bit...Andy's a word-smith of the highest order who apparently buries his leads) ;) ...that warmed even me up a bit.  Apparently, the video got pulled due to the ©. So linkage at the bottom.

I have never heard a voice like that.

I've heard people exaggerate their radio voices, but his is natural, flowing, smooth and unforced.  It's really the best I've heard in a long time...and I hate platitudes and hyperbole.  I tend to avoid them, there's always someone better.  Humility is another lesson my father bestowed upon me when I was too young and stupid to understand he was a smart man.  (You don't survive two tours in Vietnam and raising me, of all people, without some kind of smarts).

Well, Ted Williams, neither a drug addict anymore nor a lazy lowlife looking for someone to do it for him.

Ted Williams went to school.  Ted did all the right things.  And people make mistakes.  I've made mine, you've made yours.  He fell into some hard times by his own hand and happens.

Ted Williams now works for the Cleveland CavaliersVery, cool.

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