Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tell Us Your Best Revenge Pranks

Come on reader(s?)...let's hear some of your best mischievous pranks.  I've got a unbalanced neighbor needing a slight nudge in the right direction!


  1. The best prank I've heard is to take an egg, dip it in melted chocolate, and wrap it in an old Cadbury wrapper (after the chocolate dries).

  2. HA! Nice...though I'm sure she'd suspect us of being up to something were we to bring her some nice chocolates. A co-worker, however, is going to get a nice treat very soon! :)

  3. Paul, I honestly can't think of anything that wouldn't get you arrested, or cause possible damage to your own condo.

    Ya' might try the old "kill 'er with kindness" deal a time or two. I've seen it work on occasion.

    Truthfully, in situations like this, the best you can hope for is that the old crone breaks a hip, and moves to a home. Or, that some situation arises in her life that you can reach out as a neighbor and help her through.

    Short of that, I GOT NUTTIN!

  4. Here's the thing she does with the snow:

    But, an update of sorts. Another neighbor approached me who is also on this Condo Cabal and said she heard what had happened, obviously.

    Apparently this woman is known for this, and they asked for us to write a letter stating the other stuff. So I did.

    That was yesterday and we had a storm today so she did the thing with the snow again. I'll just take a picture every time and file a complaint against her.

    We tried the kindness, my wife tried to apologize to her and she wouldn't even answer the door. Apparently they've been trying to get her off the board for a while...and swearing at neighbors isn't going to do her any good.


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