Saturday, January 22, 2011

Update On The Crazy Condo-Cabal Condo-Mate

This morning, my wife allowed me to sleep in...I had an exhausting week and she kinda gave me the morning off.  I always wake up with the baby on the weekend because my wife does it all week long, as I leave for work at 5am.

This morning, the dog apparently needed to go out.  So she put a bunch of clothes on the baby, leashed the dog and walked them both down to the end of the driveway.

Before she even made it past our walkway, The Neighbor came outside and followed my wife, approximately 4 feet behind her all the way down the driveway...not saying a word and watching everything she did.

Do you hate when people say, "Can you say, 'aaawkward'" or "Can you say, 'weeeird!'"? but...

Can you say "Creeeeepy"?

So needless to say I placed another call to the Condo Cabal.  The next one is going to be to the police for a restraining order.

1 comment:

  1. Dude!

    This really is getting weird. Seriously.

    I don't know how you get a restraining order when you live within one foot of the hag...but maybe something really should be pursued legally.


    But, I certainly don't envy your position. I'll bet it really freaked your sweet wife out. I know it would mine.



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