Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Very Undemocratic

More Of This Please
The 112th Congress was sworn in today.

One of their first orders of business was to strip away floor voting rights belonging to those from American Samoa, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia and Guam.  I personally can't believe they had them...but to be honest, it's obvious why the Democrats gave them the floor rights to begin with: they're minorities.

More minorities = more D votes = more people enslaved to the Democratic Party.

In response to this, some moron from the Virgin Islands said it was "a very undemocratic way" to start Congress.

You're right, it is.  It's a very Republican way, a very Constitutional way, natch  By very definition, delegates are non-voting talking heads.  But, typical of Democrats, seizing an opportunity to enslave minorities and keep them under their middle-class funded thumb, gave them the rights when Komrade Klintoon was in office.

Commonwealths don't get to vote on stuff, period

I wish they'd strip the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' congressmen of their voting rights.

As far as Issa goes, I want this bulldog going for the throat.  One of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' reps is Barney Frank...who shouldn't have a job to begin with...has already announced he plans on attacking what happened over there at Fannie Frank and Freddy Mae.


It still remains my fear that this Congress will get in there, do what needs to be done and the idiotic American voters that put us in this mess to begin with will think Obama did it.  They'll stop blaming Bush simply by virtue of all the failboats suddenly no longer afloat.

They'll see two years of things happening and Obama's approval rating will start to rise...because they're idiots.

Less Of This Please
A commenter in my last post pointed out that they need to adopt the Liberal practice of "repeat, repeat, repeat".  Don't stop talking about who did what.  When they did it, and why.

Hopefully then it'll sink in.  My conservative colleagues are of the mindset that America will be fooled twice.  And these are hardcore Conservatives.

While the prospect of 2, let alone 6, more years of an active, practicing enemy of this country at its helm frighten the damn pants off me...I'm of the opposite mindset.

They picked the wrong guy.  End of discussion.  The Dems have always woken up in the morning and shot themselves in the foot.  They saw all the Bush hate (generated by the Daily Show Generation) and picked the looniest, most corrupt lefty they could find and pushed him through...using tactics never seen before.

Watch these videos after the jump.  You know why he was voted in.  Please don't forget.


  1. The Democrat Party should have been abolished with the Thirteenth Amendment. Since their entire party platform is unconstitutional, they should be too.

  2. It's a great point, and perfectly applicable.

    However, people have heard Republican's are racist for so long...they think it's the truth.

    Look a little deeper people, they'll see the truth.

    If they even want to, as they claim.


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