Monday, January 31, 2011

Where Has All My Time Gone?

I literally have no time left in the day.

I wake at 4:30am, and by the time I get home and look at the's 9pm.

So, I didn't have many regular readers to begin with - but to those of you that were reading, I'm sorry.

I wonder if having a newborn has anything to do with it?

I hope you'll stick around, not forget to check in every once in a while and if anyone knows how to add more time to the day please pass that info on.


  1. Man, if I had any clue how to add some time to the day, I would need it for my vacations that I would take with my untold trillions of profit from selling that time.

  2. Of course, in this America. You would not be allowed to profit from your findings.

    As a successful person using the same means to achieve said would be swiftly punished and forced to spread said trillions around to those that never bothered to try.

  3. Paul J., I know of what you speak.

    I'm in that same kettle myself. Look, I've got you in my GoobleReader, so every post shows up. You write when you can, and I'll know it.

    Having a newborn most definitely stretches the ALL ways. And one more thing. Your writing is so good that if you start forcing yourself to post, you'll be sorry.

    One or two great posts a month beats the stuffing out of churning out mediocrity.


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