Friday, February 11, 2011

Half Life 2 Episode 3

How I Loved Thee
For fellow Half Life fans out there, how long must we wait? 

I recently played through the game, along with the two episodes, for probably the 40th time in my life.  Half Life 2 is the best game ever, period.  Final Fantasy VII was the best ever, until HL came out.

I remember, going to the mall, standing outside Electronics Boutique and watching loops of FFVII with my geek friends and drooling...waiting patiently for the game to come out.

Nothing had ever been done like that before.  Nothing.  And when I finally got my hairy little palms on it I played it and played it and played it some more.  It was pure bliss..imagine a game that had different outcomes??  Remember going to the Gold Saucer and playing all the cool minigames?  Games within a game?!

Seriously, FFVII was ground-breaking and nothing came close until HL2.  Different genres, yes.  But these games transcended genre.  I was never an RPG fan, and haven't been since.  Other than a year stint playing World of Warcraft (really got sick of having to organize 40 people just to get a chance at a weapon or armor upgrade) I haven't played any since.

Portal is simply awesome.  It's simplicity is what makes it awesome...and trying to get all the achievements makes it even better.

By the way, should I buy Dead Rising 2?  I really liked the first one, but it had some all the stupid people you were supposed to rescue that would just stand there like morons.  I've heard they fixed a lot of that if you've played it, should I buy it?

So, as we wait for Episode 3 to come out, here's a few screenshots I took a while back.

Gnorman and Dog Take A Break

You're The Man Now Dog

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