Friday, February 25, 2011

Just A Little Reminder For Some People

To answer a question posited by a moonbat with a very short memory, I wanted to post these pictures.

In an MSN (yeah, I know) article the libs were spewing the typical "everyone that disagrees with Obama is a racist" because of the hub-bub raised by some crazy old guy asking, "Who is going to shoot Obama" at a Paul Broun Town Hall meeting in Georgia.

The idiot poster in question said he has never seen such disrespect for a President in his entire life...that he's shocked someone that holds the office is treated so horribly. That no one ever threatened Bush or said things like he should die...the only things liberals every said, according to commenter "Wyo_Lib", was that Bush was a "bad president".

Don't ever forget who liberals are.

Don't ever let them tell you they are anything other than the pure, essential embodiment of hatred and intolerance.

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