Friday, March 4, 2011

How Do I Move Pictures On My htc Incredible?

I Love You
That's what I asked myself this morning when I had taken a group of picture directories from my computer and put them on my htc Incredible.

I literally said, "How Do I Move Pictures On My htc Incredible?"

My son, being 6 months old, was unable to answer me.  His response was to shit his pants.

After cleaning him and getting him ready to go to the comic book store with me, I took a really cute picture of him and wanted to organize it like the other pictures and put it in his own directory.

First thing you need to do is download the file manager app called, aptly,  Astro File Manager.  When you use your camera to take a picture, depending upon where you have your camera set to dump files you would usually have to plug your phone into your computer, browse around, cut and paste, unplug etc.  Not very convenient.

With Astro, you navigate to either the directory called "emmc" - your internal flash memory - or to the "sdcard" directory which is on...yeah, your SD card.  Inside each directory is another directory called "DCIM".  Inside that directory is your final destination "100Media".

Long press the picture you want to move, choose "Edit", then "Move" in the menu-bar across the top of the screen.  Navigate to the place you want to put it (emmc/Pics of your fingernails), in the menu-bar there will be an option called "Paste".

Press that, and your picture has been moved.

Of course, you can repeat this entire process and Copy pictures, files, music instead of strictly moving them.


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