Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ok, I'm as excited as I've been about an upcoming title since well, a long time.

Godzilla is coming back to comics.

With Eric Powell (The Goon, Billy the Kid's Old-Timey OdditiesComic Book IndependentsChimichanga) writing, there's no way this can be a flop.  The Goon is one of my favorite books, it's absolutely hilarious if you're into dark, twisted humor involving stupid monsters, over-the-top cartoon violence (a-la Looney Tunes) with a pinch of old time urban legend story-telling.  So, with Powell taking on Godzirra, I can't even imagine the things he has in store for us.

Turns out, as well, 75 stores across the country ordered variants for their store to appear on the cover.  Here's the write-up on the issue:

read about the LCS variants here.

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