Thursday, April 21, 2011

Central Air Filter Sizes

Boring post alert!

As some of you know we just bought our first house.  Our central air unit uses a very odd sized filter: 11¾ x 12½ x 1

Anyone out there buy their air filters online that could recommend someone that's reputable?  I've googled some sites, I just don't know who's who.


  1. That size simply cannot be right. Are you SURE?

  2. Yeah, it's written on the unit itself. The previous owner had been buying oversized filters and cutting them down...which is what I've been doing but it's a pain in the asspuck.

    Seems like they can do it there...

  3. I really would just go to Wal*Mart and buy the 12x25 and cut them in half. You can get six for less than ten bucks.

  4. Yeah, I picked up a pack of that size exactly at Lowe's on the way home today and cut it down. Just a hassle...but probably not a hassle that's worth paying $50 to avoid.

  5. And you can get a pair of tin snips to cut them with, too. You don't want to get that fiberglass all over your dickbeaters.

  6. Two Dogs beat me to it. I've never heard of a filter that small...and I was in the HVAC biz.

    "Dickbeaters." Nyuk...

  7. Well, that's the filter we've got. And If I spend $10 bucks for two 12x22s at Home Depot and cut them down, the price is $12 more at through the website.

    My son has developed asthma so it's really important for me to get the right filtering in place.


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