Friday, April 22, 2011

Comics Mysterious Background Characters

vThanks to Paul over at mean ol' meany he pointed me to a nice little article about two hipsters that are appearing in multiple comic books - despite artist, title or publisher.

Apparently Scott Snyder has such a good eye he found these two dudes popping up in books from both Marvel and DC, from Iron Man to Wonder Woman.  The mystery remains shrouded because no one knows who they are and no one is talking!  How can two rival (and I mean rival) companies, all using different artists and writers - have these two characters popping up in all their titles that happen to aimed at kids (believe me, some of these children's comics are great stuff to get your child seems they drop the political stuff and stick to "Good guy puts away bad guy via non-violent methods")

All picture credits to iFanboy where this story is spreading like wildfire.

Back to the subject at hand...sometimes these guys show up as cops:

Now, that's Lex Luthor they're hauling away. Luthor is from Superman which is published by DC.

Here they show up as bystanders at the airport:

Now, that's J. Jonah Jameson telling Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spider-Man, about a lizard loose in some random swamp. If you read The Gauntlet, you know who this lizard is.  Spider-Man is published by Marvel.

And obviously these are two different artists.

I'll post one more picture, but you really need to check out the incredible work done over at iFanboy (even in the comments section) as to what's going on!

Here they are as dapper guests at a Bruce Wayne party.  Bruce Wayne is obviously Batman and Batman is published by DC.  Again, obviously an entirely different artist.

What can this mean? As one commenter posits: "Is the FBI tailing all capes?".

Are they Horsemen of the Comic Apocalypse? Will they usher in the most bizarre crossover event in history? Do "stock" background characters exist in the comic universe like stock photos for website builders? Is there a store one goes to in order to purchase these stock background characters?  Does that website take Paypal? Does Comic Book Jesus place these two as some kind of watchers of his comic super-heroes?

All of these are possible explanations.

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