Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Transformers Movie

We all know there's a new Transformers movie coming out.

I'm fucking thrilled.

As if this dreck of a movie establishment needed more films.  Apparently the amazing acting capabilities of Megan Fox was bringing the movie down.  The amazing plot, the twists and turns all the amazing dialoge, Transformers is a modern day Shakespearean Historical trillogy the like of which society hasn't seen since Henry VI.

So, they've brought in fresh new talent on board to make this franchise even more spectacular and from what I hear it's going to break the current Baysplosions record.  Megan Fox dissed the movie after her first appearance saying something to the effect of "If I'm staring in Transformers 5 I will be worried about my career".

Enter Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

Yeah, Whatever...I'll Do It.  My Knees Hurt.
Willing to dive into acting depths epic thespians like Megan Fox are unwilling, Rosie here is going to be something very, very special.  There's just something about her, I can't seem to put my finger on it.  She seems to be a very special blend of originality, method and acting versatility.

Either that or she is going to be taking her shirt off to keep idiots in the seats.

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