Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There's Sick, Then This

11 year old girl gang-raped by gang in a bathroom.

Give Me 25 Minutes And A Set Of Needle Nose Pliers
Michael Sykes, left is the only adult in the gang of 7 people that sexually assaulted this girl at a community park in California.  Of course, they're all gang members.

Some gangs are told to practice "random acts of violence".  Meaning...simply kill an innocent person or something similar - to someone not involved in the gang at all.  Usually they "beat" each other into the gang but the notorious M-13 and their predecessors the Mexican Mafia began teaching their young go-getters to be more viscous.  Just pick someone regardless of race, sex, age and kill, rape, mutilate or destroy.

The above pukepail decided to grab a few of his pals, plus an older girl (one of their girlfriends?) to lure her into the bathroom and take turns raping her.  I get sick typing this stuff.

The article doesn't mention the victim's race.  But I am reminded for some reason of this particularly gruesome story.

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