Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady Mechanika Part II

More Lady Mechanika chicas for your enjoyment.

I See What You Did There.

Raise Your Arms If You're Hot.

Marry Me?

Humena, Humena, Humena.

Weld Me.

I Think You're Looking At Me.

You Dropped Something, And You Will Need To Get It Yourself.
I know, I'm weird.  But if you don't think these chics are hot (and I think cosplay people are WEIRD) there's something wrong with the stuff in between your ears.


  1. hey, you've used 3 images of mine (lady mechanika) in this post without my consent, could you take it out of here please?

  2. Merry Christmas to you too.

    I'll talk to Joe and see what he has to say. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure it all links back to the creators of each image, so pay a visit to the clue store, please.

  3. excuse me, what links do you refer?, because I can't see it...
    there is a little thing called "copyright", do you know?, and you cannot to publish images of another people without their consent,so, if you don't put the real link to my web in these pics you will have to take out of here...
    thanks again for your kindness


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