Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Pull List for May 04, 2011

The only Avengers book really worth reading at this point.  Christos Gage is one of the best writers in the Marvel Bullpen right now  Read everything he's doing, it's all superb and above par.

I'm as sick of Thor as can be, but I guess we're stuck with him while Marvel and Hollowweird make love again.

One of my favorite titles month after month.

Zombies, nuff said.

Let's try this again.  Am I more sick of Bendis or Thor?  Bendis.  But Moon Knight deserves a good title that continues.

I've put off the last two issues of this title...It started off great but it seems to be getting a bit boring.  Gonna try for another arc and see if anything happens, else this is getting dropped.

The Walking Dead Survivors Guide!  Good stuff!

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