Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Pull List for May 18, 2011

Yeah, yeah I know.  Spidey is everywhere.  But Gage's Academy characters are some of the most intriguing and I love reading anything related to Academy.

See above, minus the Spidey comment.

The first arc had me pissing my pants laughing.  Hydra Bob was put through hell and when Hammerhead smashed that dude's head in I laughed so hard I pissed my shirt (I don't know what that means, either).  But the latest arc is getting a bit odd.  Just go back to being funny, or serious.  Not both.  I'd rather the funny.

Uh, Image? Check.  Number 1? Check.  Pulled.

This is consistently, along with Academy, Chew, Walking Dead (I'll continue that live blogging of No Way Out...I just had to finish reading it because it was to fucking awesome to stop) Skullkickers, PunisherMAX, Haunt and Jonah Hex, one of the best series' on the racks.  I love everything about this title.

I'm just buying these to read about the Ultimate Spidey dying.

See above.

Gonna keep going with this title.  Fantomex is a really intriguing character and the last story arc really pulled itself by its bootstraps at the end there.

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