Saturday, June 18, 2011

Paging Cindy Sheehan

Hypocrite, Disgraceful Excuse For A Mother
While 0bami uses lawyers and legal loopholes to continue his wasteful spending and illegal war in Libya, I am sitting wondering where the self-righteous idiot moonbat, Cindy Sheehan, has been.

You remember her...she hounded Bush over his "illegal, racist war for oil" and disgraced her son's legacy and trivialized his sacrifice for politics.

As anyone with a working brain cell knows, war protests have all but stopped and we now know what they were.  They were Republican Protests, politically driven and had nothing to do whatsoever with some moral aversion to war...just ask a liberal about the current truly illegal wars 0bami has waged and watch them turn themselves inside out explaining how it's different.

That we're in Libya because we want to protect those innocent people from being shot.  But, protecting Kurds wasn't worth it.  Protecting Iraqis wasn't worth it.  We only went there to "get free oil".


So, I'm just wondering where Cindy Sheehan is.  Has anyone seen her hounding 0bami?  Has anyone seen her screaming outside the White House like a schizophrenic?  Has she been asking 0bami to send Malia and Sasha off to "die along with the other children he's sending to their graves for his own greed and political gain"?

My guess is no.

My guess is no because Cindy Sheehan, like I said, didn't care, doesn't understand and is a looney-ass moonbat.

She took her son's sacrifice and turned into political fodder because she doesn't like Republicans.  I'm sure he looked down on her after his death with such a sorrow and embarrassment.

Liberal morals, folks...liberal morals.

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