Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #665

There's hype that goes unmet. Green Lantern.

There's hype that never gets attention. The Rocketeer.

There's hype that is undeserved. Watchmen.

There's hype that transcends hype and becomes truth. Dan Slott's current run on Amazing Spider-Man.

Dan Slott's run on Amazing Spider-Man right now is the last in that list.  I come and go with ASM.  Sometimes it's on my pull list, sometimes it's not - it's never been steady.  For the last dozen issues or so it has been stunning what Slott is pulling off, and issue #665 was no exception.  Incredibly drawn by Stegman and Cammo this run is going to go down in history right up there with Miller in Daredevil, Gruenwald's Captain America, Ennis' Punisher and Peter David first X-Factor.

Go, now, buy the issues starting when Slott came on board. You owe it to yourself to support the hard work Slott is doing.  And 20 years from now you can say you were there when it all went down.  Because whatever this is leading up to is going to be fucking epic.  Epic I tell you.

This. Is. Sick. Writing.

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