Saturday, July 16, 2011

Because I Am Awesome

I'm awesome.

So awesome that I have an acquaintance in "the biz" that signs a lot of my books and is probably writing one of the best high end titles for Marvel right now.

The other day he had dropped a book off at a store for me to pick up the next time I was going to be stopping by.  So I stopped by the other day to pick it up and looked around their at their figures as I usually do.  This place kinda overprices stuff, but if it's a rare item I'm glad to buy it.

So I'm looking around in the toy enclave and I see this:

Ooops, wrong button...sorry. (Click for bigger boobage).

I see this:

Click for bigger awesomeage.

Pretty rare for an item this new to show up at this store...they usually buy stuff from people and sell it.  So I'm not sure who had sold this to them...they told me they got it from their distributor but I doubt that, given there's a Red Hulk in there in Piss Poor -1 condition for $12.99 that I can find at Target for $7.99.

Anyway, I bought it pretty quickly for around $20...and I know I'll end up seeing it at a Target or Toys R Us in a week or so for $13.99 or $11.99.  But I have been drooling over this three-pack since the day I saw it previewed.  There's a nice Original Avengers set that's out along with it...comes with the clunky old school Iron Man, Hulk, Wasp, Ant Man and Thor.  That set is pretty sweet but there is no way I'm passing up that Warpath for the Avengers pack.

Good thing these are going for a hot dollar on the Internets.

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