Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Pull List for July 06, 2011

Nice week, this. I'll be doing a lot of reading, for sure.

Blue Estate #4
The covers for this title are mind blowingly awesome, as is the story.

Chew #19. It's Chew, nuff said.

Fear Itself #4 (of 7). Probably the only snoozer here, this "event" is pretty uneventful.

Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #1 (of 3). Uncanny X-Force has been rocking it...and (along with Deadpool, is the only tie in I'm buying.

Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #4. There's a little too much Obama worship in this one, but enough Eric Powell awesomeness to keep me reading.

Jonah Hex #69. Oh how I will miss you.

Moon Knight #3. Even though he pretty much destroyed the Avengers franchise, Bendis is doing a great job with Moon Knight. Too long has Marc gone without good treatment, and title is bringing it.

Thunderbolts #160. I just love this book, it's that simple.

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