Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Pull List for July 27, 2011

Had a big day yesterday and was really looking forward to reading some of these, lots to read, but my wife decided to go hormonally bananas last night so I took an Ambien, hid in my office and fell asleep on my recliner. That sounded really sad typing it out.

Moving the fuck on.

If the name "Christos Gage" is under the part where it says "Writer". I buy it.

I don't think this ended up coming out yesterday, but totally worth waiting for...even with the creative team shakeup.

Nothing's really happened yet, Thor tripped out on some boomers, Aunt May slapped Marvel's Captain We Apologize For Being American & there's a big funeral. But what's missing? How is the Ultimate Universe without this character? What has his death had an effect on other than people's emotions? There has to be some kind of domino effect here...they've got 6 issues left we'll have to see.

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