Monday, July 4, 2011

New Ultimate Spider-Man Is...


The Death of Spider-Man story line was great, and it raised a lot of questions.  One's already been answered, yes someone will "be" Spider-Man...but Peter Parker is dead dead.

While reading this article over at Bleeding Cool I think I have figured out who will be donning the Spider-Suit.  It seems that number 4 will be the issue we find out.

That's a clue right there, in my opinion.

Here's the cover:

Maybe I'm too much of a conspiracy theorist but I do know there are plans for someone to put the suit on and continue as Spider-Man.  Bendis seems to be making up for his destruction of the Avengers franchise by some amazing writing here and in the new Moon Knight series.

It's my guess that Johnny Storm, member of the Fantastic Four will be the new Spider-Man.  A great choice if you ask me.  Johnny and Peter have a history in the Ultimate Universe and, according to his bio at Comic Book DB:

Johnny dreamed about using his powers to be a super-hero like the Ultimates; however, his father insisted Johnny finish high school, which he was coerced into attending. He registered at a school in Queens, and made friends quickly, meeting Liz Allen, Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker, among others. When Johnny accidentally caught fire at a beach bonfire, he fled, returning only to ask Liz to meet with him so he could explain. Though Allen didn't show, Spider-Man did, and the two talked before cooperating to save people trapped in a burning building. Johnny's spirit was renewed by Spider-Man's contention that the drawbacks of super-powers are outweighed by the good they could do, and he shared with Spider-Man the name he would use when the team went public: the Human Torch.

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