Saturday, July 16, 2011


So, as of late I've been hanging out on Twitter. The comic community has a huge presence there and it's a great place to talk comics, read some insider news and just listen to some of the creators talk about their process.

However, sometimes celebrities get their stuff retweeted...and we all know celebrities are not known for their brilliant tweets

Obviously, celebrities are the touchstone by which all society is judged.  What they deem cool or awesome, or evil so goes the sheep.  (Where are all the war protests??)

They think they're amazing and insightful, especially musicians.  Idiots like the Kardashians and the Hiltons, who get paid to tweet (can you imagine?  what a fucked up society, no wonder Obama got elected...we are the American Idol version of a country). aren't nearly as inspired, savvy,. astute and adroit with their discriminating tastes.

The other day I saw this come across my htc Incredible's Plume feed:

My reply was originally, simply this:

But the more his idiocy stayed on me, the more I felt the need to lay into him:

And, then:

And that's where I think I hit my mark.  I knew I was missing something vital.  I knew I hated this guy and his "band" more than the normal one hit wonders out there who marry other dim celebrities and named their children "Framer" or "StarMountain" or "Fluvium".

It's the fucking skinny jeans!  I seriously think a man walking around in those skinny jeans needs to be brought to a retraining facility and manned the fuck up.  Get a fucking haircut, too.

Maroon 5 and Adam Levine started that skinny jean shit and it hasn't gone away.

Fuck off Adam Levine, you Level 5 Maroon.

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