Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Backlash to the Backlash of a Multiracial Spider-Man

Coming from a bi-racial family, I'm usually pretty interested in things dealing with race.

So the new Ultimate Spider-Man is going to be half-Black and Half-Latino.

Some people are questioning why Marvel is doing's no different than when creators change any other character: some people like it, some don't. People talk about it.

But why are those that are questioning why change Spider-man's race being told to "sit down and shut up"? No one acts that way when Robin became the new Batman...some people hated it, some people loved it.

It was stated by Marvel's Axel Alonso himself that he was "...inspired by President Obama". So there's a political element driving this decision.

Yet why is one side not allowed to question it AT ALL? Personally I want to know why they felt the need to kill one character to give a minority a chance in comics. It seems like a statement to

But I'm not allowed to ask those questions. One side of this issue has the notoriously PC MSM and a bit of white guilt on their side to force people not to ask questions. To just accept it and move on.


Why are we not allowed to even discuss it? We're told "Get over it, it's just a comic book", "You must be racist", "Who cares so shut up about it".

As I said, there's obvious political elements to the decision at Marvel. Politics = out tax dollars. Buying comics = our expendable income. People sure get their pants in a bunch when church and state are combined but what about our choice to either use or not use or expendable income when the entertainment business uses politics and "inspiration" to kill a character for what, appears to many, as straight up tokenism.

Who is one side or the other to tell us to not feel one way or the other on this?

Could they be trying to force their way of political correct thinking on us?

If so, real issues of race will never be able to be discussed in a civil manner if one side is immediately put in the "Nazi" column (See Goodwin's Rule).

If a group of people say they dislike Barry Bonds or Barry Obama because he's done things they don't like, but are then told they HAVE to be racist if they don't like this person/choice/decision.

Move past the divisive little nuggets like Spider-man the Keith Olbermans and Rachel Maddows of the world throw at you - then one day we can get passed any perceived "racism" and one side won't have that card to play anymore...and true progress will be made - and the truth of things will be revealed.

Or maybe that's what they don't want: the truth.

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