Monday, September 5, 2011

Damaged - Cream Of The Month's Crop

If you're not reading these books, you're missing out:

Scott Synder's "Severed" (Image): Talk about creepy. The first book, comic or otherwise, to actually give me the chills.

Joe Harris' "Spontaneous" (ONI Press): A slacker that works at a mall burger joint can predict when people are going to fall victim to "Spontaneous Human Combustion". Does he help them or warn them? No, he just watches. Oh, and his best friend that helps him track people is one of the people on his list.

David Lapham's "Damaged" (Radical): A GREAT character story about two old school cops trying to deal with the incoming newbies. One of them goes rogue while the other tries to both help and stop him. Full of brotherhood, fatherhood, growing old type themes. A real sleeper, the first issue was amazing.

Jason Ciaramella's "The Cape" (IDW): A super slacker with super powers. He disposes of his first "enemy" in a way you'll never see coming. Hysterical.

Mark Roslan's "Broken Pieces" (Aspen): The USA has been nuked and two doctor's attempt to develop a cure for the damage to people. The way this story is written, it's told through the viewpoints of both doctors - attempting to explain what happened - while we silently follow a "monster" of a human being stitched together from about 30 other people.

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