Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Pull List for September 14, 2011

@DanSlott is writing one of the greatest Amazing Spider-Man runs in the title's history.

What a terrible ending to what is arguably one of the greatest Marvel heroes ever. Hundreds upon hundreds of books and the run ends with "Angry White Man". It's a shame.

This, however, is making up for it. Awesome new volume.

Disclaimer in case you're laughing at me: I've never been a big DC reader other than Jonah Hex. So I picked the new #1's that looked like the coolest characters.


I think this looks awesome, I love Frankenstein, and whatever SHADE is, I hope it's a cool place to work.  Oh yeah, and it's Jeff Fucking Lemire!

This book is a hoot. I LOVE it.

See above disclaimer.

Even without an ending to Choker anywhere in sight, I will buy anything McCool does.

Love me some Punisher. And this title is brutal, fully living up to the MAX imprint.

As creepy a book (comic or otherwise) I've read in a long time. And there's only been one issue so far.

Again, see disclaimer.

Does anything else need to be said about this title? It's awesome.

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