Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I apologize to all the intelligent, beautiful, conservative women out there that may be reading this....

But you're not liberals, you allow a red blooded man to be a red blooded man (especially if his wife is who is 6.5 months pregnant, thinks he's one of the four Apocalypse horsemen. I'm..."in need".

A while back, I noticed some people came a knockin looking for a specific woman named Madison Welch. Can't say that I blame them. and I'm going to have to agree with them, and supply them with their wish.

After the jump, there's a handful of the blonde Madison Welch. d Do not click it unless you are over 18 in the US. Some are Madison.  Madison is hot. However, I'm more a Sammie Pennington girl, see bottom (pun intended)....

Again, some of the most beautiful natural 32Fs on a brunette appear after the jump. Those easily offended, don't like pretty girls or are under 18, don not click "more".

If you're a conservative women and would like to comment on my taste in Miss Pennington, I welcome your thoughts, because that's hot. :)

If you're a conservative woman and I've offended you, I'm sorry...ya just gotta let me be me!  I love you guys!!

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