Sunday, October 23, 2011

#OccupyWallStreet Bigotry, Incoherency and Moronspeak

I have reminded you time and time and time again who the Left are.  They wonderfully paint themselves as the party of tolerance and openness.  They're anything but.

The above posts speak for themselves, they're a disgusting breed of racists, bigots, hypocrites and power-mad fear mongers. However I believe the political Left has taken a more drastic turn.  Each day, a new Democrat endorses the Occupy Wall Street lazyass camping vacation, sit in for trustfund babies, protest, hypocritical whine-a-thon...however when the enemy pig that we unfortunately need to call the president endorses them and shares their frustration too, well, there's a big problem.

And, in case you've only been watching the main stream media's coverage of Occupy Wall Street you have a picture in your head that it's just a peaceful group of average Americans frustrated with government. That's the Obama talking point he's got his media parroting on his behalf to turn you into a sympathizer.  Wall Street, the Unions, voter fraud and an American-Idol-couch-potato-reality-TV society created this abomination of a president, so don't let him fool you - PLEASE.

It appears I need to post another reminder.

This is who your little president has out there fighting his war on class.  This is who his foot soldiers are.  This is who he has brainwashed into believing their fighting against "millionaires and billionaires" when it's actually people that EARN more than $250,000 a year. How that qualifies them as millionaires and billionaires is beyond me.

This is who one third (HuffPoop post, so consider the source) of the country supposedly agrees with as opposed to the TEA Party.

Beware of these stats please, just like Huffpoop twists the poll that says "One third claim government is to blame for crisis" into "One third agree with Occupy Wall Street" be wary of the same tactic when you hear a major nightly news show announce "growing support"...think about how they're twisting it to their agenda.

This, is your president's doing, congratulations:

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