Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Wish I Could Be A Cubs Fan

I've always considered the Cubs my NL team...and I always root for them when I can.  As a Red Sox fan, I shared in their hardship and downtrodden ways for a few years.

When they fired Tito Francona I was outraged. Theo Epstein saddled the team with these horrible players with horrible contracts and Tito takes the fall.

Typical Boston, no one is allowed to leave without a smear campaign.  Citing marital problems and pain killer abuse on the part of Tito sickens me to no end, the Red Sox have lost a lifelong fan in me.

I will never, ever, pay for a ticket to watch this team play again under this management...and I doubt ever again. Which is sad, because I want to take my son to a ballgame when he's older.

The Red Sox have done this time and time again, however I think this time they've gone just too far.

As the Brookline Boy Wonder makes his job change (he sure gets to look like he's not being fired) Tito is in the booth calling a few playoff games with the class and integrity he's always had.

But no one gets to leave Boston without a few knives in the back, no matter what they've done.  These accusations are disgusting, petty and show me that these are nothing but manboys with a lot of money, living in the fantasy world of sports where people are commodities and nothing more.

But I can't be a Cubs fan, because guess where Theo's gonna end up?

Screw you Warner.  Screw you Larry.  Screw you and your yacht Mr. Henry.

Goodbye Red Sox.

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