Monday, October 10, 2011

#OWS Is Full Of Entitled Maroons

Jon Phoenix, a senior who studies political science, jumped up on a small concrete wall to address the crowd...

“College was supposed to be the be all, end all,” Phoenix said. “It’s supposed to be the place where no matter how crazy your background, you go into college, you come out and you’re supposed to be guaranteed entry into the middle class.”

Where did he get that idea? Did his Mommy & Daddy tell him that would happen?

The people you're seeing "protesting" "Wall Street" are the "everyone gets a trophy" generation. The "my son/daughter would never do that" generation. The "everyone is coddled and held and told how beautiful and special they are" generation.  It comes to no shock whatsoever to me that they are now confronted by the real world and failing miserably. They've walked out of the college doors, released the hands of their advisors to find they haven't a  single skill set at their disposal.  All they have is the anger they've been infused with by their universities so they can go out, be leeches on society, become dependant on the government for everything and wind up slaves with a hive mind and no living skills.

They've never had to do a thing in their lives. Ever. Mom and Dad cleaned up after them, bought them their cars, paid their rent and bought them their groceries, sent them off to liberal indoctrination camps colleges, got themselves brainwashed by some ponytailed professor and then fell off a cliff when they realized no one holds your hand in the real world.

But, they've been stomping their feet to get what they've wanted since they were toddlers, it's all they know. Their parents are new-agey kooks that don't believe in discipline or family values and have done their children a massive disservice. Their kids are useless shells of talentless nothings which, in turn, do society a massive disservice.

So now they're stomping their feet and pitching a tantrum because no one is holding their hands and giving them things anymore (though I'm sure a large portion of those "99%" have nice fat trust funds). They're staring at the edge of a cliff and demanding those that came before them give them what they want.


I remember when I went to college, the only thing guaranteed to me was a diploma...after that I had to enter the real world on my own.

I was under the impression that school, from kindergarten through college, was some way of "getting me ready" for the real world.  I had no idea it was all a plan to guarantee my place in a specific class.

I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that I didn't realize this sooner.  All that hard-work I did to apply to company after company, build my resume, move on to a different company, gain new skills, apply those at yet another company until I had reached a point where I was content with my accomplishments and was able to support myself and my family.

I can't believe I never caught on to this "middle class guarantee". Do you think it was in one of my orientation pamphlets?  It had to be, I mean look how many people are "Occupying Wall Street"...they obviously read what I missed and are demanding things be given to them.

Why?! Why did I do all that work?

Anyway, try to follow the logic:

Ralph! Get out there and start handing out jobs. NOW!
Wait...I thought you wanted a job? I'm confused.
Yeah bro. That sign is RAD. You are a true fighter bro. So deep.

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