Monday, October 3, 2011

What Is Wrong With This World?

(Alleged) Baby killers, tyrannical dictators slaughtering innocent people, and (alleged) drug-addled murdering rapists walk the streets. It seems a daily occurrence that we see an illegal immigrant kill an innocent American, while those we put into office to stop those very things refuse to make our country and states safer...use their political positions to perpetuate it in order to remain in power.

And here in America, where are the protesters and what are they protesting?  They're disrupting the lives of the middle, working class while "protesting" Wall Street and rising health care costs. Why? Because they don't understand the world. 

They are a hive-minded mob of over-educated idiots with such an obtuse sense of entitlement I would never be able to comprehend. They fail to see past their own noses, they fail to see a greater good because the greater good seems to start at my paycheck and end at their open palms. Only then will they even remove the blinders to the fact that there are other people in the world, not just them. They demand things they about which they have no clue, yet they have been brainwashed into thinking they do.  They can't define them, or even articulate their "demands" - but dammit they're angry and they want it all now.

Everything from "I am Troy Davis" to "I hate mean cops" are the signs seen at this Occupy Wall Street "protest". It's senseless zombielike behavior I just don't understand.

They're a generation of perpetual children that simply need to feel as though they belong to some kind of movement.  They hear their professors talk about the 60s and they dream about being involved in something, anything as important as a civil rights movement or a war protest...but they fail on every level.

They are as addicted to and their lives as filled and tethered to the very things they fight against.  They begrudge their fellow Americans the very same rights and privileges they themselves already have...they just don't realize it.

They have no priorities. No sense of right or wrong. Their beliefs go where the wind blows yet their actions can be predicted with partisan accuracy.

How are they upset with "Wall Street" and not the atrocities that befall us daily?  Is the devil so ingrained in the liberal ideology that it blinds them to what's really going on in the world?

Why are they so selfish? Why?

It's sad.  I am sad for this country and the people that trample upon her face demanding everything without breaking a single drop of sweat.  It makes me sad because generations upon generations before them fought, bled, died, toiled, labored and worked tirelessly to enjoy the beautiful fruit born from our Constitution.

I'm starting to wonder if these people fought and died in vein.

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