Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Sad Day In My Corporate World

Photobucket Last week, the corporate big wigs got the go-ahead from our landlord to put a new roof on our 750,000 square foot building and permission to move their offices from the back of the building to the front, near the windows.

There currently exist workers in small cubes near those windows. They will be moved, cubes added to the area that corporate sits now and a new wing of beautiful offices will be built in that area, closed off from having to look at the cube dwellers, but with views of the parking lot.

That's fine, it's good to be the kings.

However, there's one department consisting of two people I, and most others, happen to hold in high regard. Let's call that department "Baccoutns Flayable". Corporate decided that, because their cubes were in the way of their new real estate, to move the department. Still fine. Until it was decided they were going to move the department to one of our west coast offices in a state we'll call "Dralifornia".

One of the women that worked in Baccounts Flayable has been working here for over 25 years, the other woman for over 30. She's a delight to work with. She's one of those rare users us IT people love. She knows nothing about computers (we don't like them) but she is the sweetest person to walk the earth, and wouldn't say a bad thing about anyone and always has a smile (we like that when you talk to us and say hi).

So, because they were moving Baccounts Flayable to Dralifornia, the woman that had been working here for 25 years plus was brought into her manager's office and given her walking papers. But not before her manager made her friend call the people from Dralifornia and train them for two days on how everything is done.

Anyway, everyone helped clear her cube and helped carry her stuff to her car, hugs were exchanged and promises to keep in touch were made.

She was fine with it, she said. All smiles. She drove away and someone noticed she stopped her car up a little ways. They walked up to her car and she was in tears.

I'd like to wish our corporate members a happy Thanksgiving.


  1. You're not alone. A lot of employees out there experienced the same. I think that the normal setting in some corporate world.

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  2. It's just sad...I hate to see it because I've been there. I don't like it out there.

    Now, granted...all the people let go were 6 figure people...but not CEO types. These guys worked, were great engineers and just had to be let go because of...well, I can't really get too detailed, but when a new sheriff comes to town after a failed merger, someone's gotta be the first to get shot.


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