Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday Night Knockers

-Update-The google blog poll is weird now, just comment yes or no. Prove I'm not just talking to myself.

I used to post a few pictures of women I happened to find very attractive.  It was an exploitative beautiful tribute to both young and MILF matured women in various states of undress womanhood.

You may see these little snippets every now and then under a post in the area that says "You might also like:"
Should I bring these back?  I took them down once, when I was going to interview someone in the industry that didn't think the adult content would go over well with people he was trying to get in the business with.  It made total sense, I wanted him to succeed and I didn't want to be a hindrance to him.

So, what so you...shall I bring back SNK? 

A sample of what I mean after the jump...

So, nothing really special.  Just some artistic shots of the different forms of the feminine ideal.

Should I bring these posts back?  See poll!

1 comment:

  1. Apparently, no one neither reads not gives a toss.

    So I'm bringing them back.


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