Friday, December 9, 2011

A Trip Around The Web

A few excerpts from around the web:

The Big Feed - Obama: Flat out Dumb
Please tell me this is true and not photo-shopped. Couldn't find a story to accompany this photo on Drudge this morning... Did this clown really light all the candles on the Menorah while celebrating Hanukkah like two weeks early? File this away in the "Imagine if Bush did it" files... 

The Big Feed -These Hippies is Nasty
Or so that would seem to be the thoughts of this DC policeman as he watches a couple of greasy occupy protesters show their "love".

Obama And Belonsky, no?
Infidel Bloggers Alliance - An apologist for Obama's appeasement babbles to himself
Nasty moonbat Andrew Belonsky has opened his big mouth again to claim that Obama is doing a fully convincing job in the war on terror, which I'm afraid is just exaggerated at best: Republican presidential candidates shifted their focus from domestic affairs to foreign policy during the Republican Jewish Forum yesterday. And not surprisingly, almost all of them claimed President Obama has been too soft on Islamic militants overseas. Rick Santorum said Obama’s approach has “has been nothing but appeasement,” while Mitt Romney claimed the president “emboldened Palestinian hard-liners ... more »

Pundit & Pundette - Debatable
Rick Santorum has agreed to participate in the so-called Trump debate and has branded his opponents as hypocrites for turning it down: "Many of my opponents jockeyed to be the first to fly up to New York and use Donald Trump for a photo op and no doubt try and secure an endorsement," the former Pennsylvania senator said in a statement. "But when Donald wants to moderate a debate – they refuse...

Infidel Bloggers Alliance - Former FBI agent held prisoner in Iran
I just noticed this news, showing that hostage situations in Iran aren't over: WASHINGTON (AP) — The family of retired FBI agent Robert Levinson, who vanished years ago in Iran, issued a plea to his kidnappers Friday and, for the first time, released a hostage video they received from his unidentified captors. The video message released on the family's website publicly transformed the mysterious disappearance into an international hostage standoff. Despite a lengthy investigation, however, the United States government has no evidence of who is holding the 63-year-old father of seve... more »

Betsy's PageA divider, not a uniter
Remember when the Barack Obama persona was about how there was no red America or blue America and that we should stop demonizing those with whom we disagree? I know, I know. That seems like a different century from today's view of three years of this man as president. Now he'll tell us that he isn't engaging in class warfare and then go ahead and do what he just said he wouldn't do. Peter Kirsanow has a wonderful post up with a non-exhaustive list of the phrases that Obama used during his Osawatomie speech. ‘This Isn’t About Class Warfare’ . . . President Obama said during (and abo... more »  
:Paul here, please read this for my opinion on Obama and his "Discourse Raising" bullshit.  The only thing he's raised is the warflag of classism, racism and sexism to plant his corrupt ass into the WH for another 4 years.

If you're in NYC, Boston, Oakland, Melbourne...look outside your window...those aren't innocent little college kids wanting to get in on a protest - they're Soros funded classism footsoldiers ready to do Obama's wetwork as soon as he lights the bat signal. It is of vital importance the GOP, TEA Party, Coffee Party, Hot Cocoa Party and the Earl Grey Party forget who's more grass roots than the other. The priority is getting @BarackObama, the active, Manchurian terrorist enemy of the state out of power, before he simply destroys the country and takes us with him.

Stop fighting each other! From Ron Paul to Rick Santorum to Mitt Romney. RINO, lil kooky or's all trivial in comparison to getting this guy out of power and away from any kind of influence, global or domestic. - A calendar ain't nothing but a number
The president is celebrating Hanukkah. Not "planning to observe Hanukkah beginning December 20th" but IS. As in now . None of this silly waiting until the Festival of Lights actually begins, but now. Because, it's not like days ... or the number of days or anything ... really matter, right? And, so as to not drag it all out, the president went ahead and lit all eight candles. Because, well, you know, why not. It's not like you need to light one a day or anything, right? It doesn't, like, have any special meaning, right? While the Festival of Lights doesn't actually begin until Dec... more » 

Interested-Participant - Untitled
Guidance Counselor Fired for Inappropriate Behavior(Radnor, Pennsylvania) A 30-year-old guidance counselor at the Valley Forge Military Academy and College, Symantha Hicks, has been accused of inappropriate behavior with students.Symantha Hicks -- a first year guidance counselor at the boarding and day school for boys, grades 7-12 -- is accused of providing alcohol to underage cadets as well as ...

barbaylive - "Let them Continue", laughs Gov Christie; as whining, screaming #OWS disrupt his Iowa appearance (Video)

Zilla of the Resistance - Anti-Jihad Blogger Announces Official Endorsement for President of the United States of America
The 2012 Republican primaries will soon be at hand, and it is of utmost importance that the Republican nominee who will challenge Obama for the Presidency is not only cognizant of, but willing to fearlessly fight against the ever increasing force of islamic supremacist infiltration of the United States and the global threat presented by islamic supremacist conquest to freedom loving people...
Just a misunderstood culture, yes? We can't allow "Under God" in The Pledge, but how dare we interfere with religious freedom such as this? Liberals are evil. Liberals are what you see in the picture above, holding the guns, and America is the victim on the ground. That tuft of brain matter in front of the victim? That's the Utopian America liberals envision.
Rational Nation USA - Does a Leopard Change its Spots?
by: *Les Carpenter Rational Nation USA Liberty -vs- Tyranny* Newt Gingrich is, to put it bluntly not the presidential candidate the republican party needs. Aside from carrying to much baggage like his three marriages, extramarital affairs, his well paid "historian" role consulting with Freddie Mac, his flip flops on healthcare mandates and climate change, and his delusions of grandeur, he is not a leader than individuals like to follow. In fact he is a rather divisive figure. When he was Speaker of the House, before his colleagues replaced him for his ineptitude, his lack of princi... more »

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