Thursday, December 15, 2011

Korn Sucks (Are They Still Even Around?)

This Is A Dork

I can't be arsed seeing if that whiney, Daddy-issue shit band is still putting out "albums".  But I used to date a girl that loved Korn.  I remember she used to play some album that had a song on it that sounded so damn familiar I had to call them out, but she refused to see it.

The reason this comes up now, is because a song called "Too Many Puppies" from Primus on the album Frizzle Fry (awesome) just came up in Winamp.  I set it to shuffle my entire collection all day and that song just came on...great tune.

So it reminded me of that old Korn song and how I thought it was a rip off.  I decided to do some Googling/Youtubing.

Here's the intro to Primus' "Too Many Puppies":

Here's Korn's "Blind":

Ain't that some bullshit?  That's a complete intripoff. I just made up that word.

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  1. HA! I'd like to say that I'm surprised, but I'm really not. What I am surprised at is how anybody didn't catch this before now! I haven't listened to a whole lot of Primus so I've never heard Too Many Puppies before. Apparently KoRn was banking on everyone having not heard that song before because "Blind" is the first track on their first album! Fucking pathetic.


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