Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why I Hate Living In Massachusetts

Or, as I call it, Kookachoosetts.

In Newton, by far the dumbest town in The Commonwealth we have this little nugget, reminding us how we ended up with a Generation of Gimmie Gimmies standing on the streets of America demanding someone pay their bills for them.

This is why this generation fails in the real world. When Mom and Dad no longer pay and they have to make it on their own, look back at things like this and you'll remember why:


Newton schools are asking parents to have their kids leave so-called "celebratory" clothing at home.

They’re talking about accessories or clothes given out at a birthday parties or other celebrations that kids then wear to class on Monday.

School officials say this is becoming a trend at Oak Hill and other Newton middle schools.

They say it leads to other kids feeling excluded and reminded they were not included in the festivities. The school is urging to have their kids avoid wearing such items and even have a conversation with their kids about how wearing this kind of thing makes kids feel left out. Here is a copy of the letter:

Here is a copy of the letter:
Student Attire - Weekend Celebrations

Dear Oak Hill Families,

At Oak Hill and other Newton Middle Schools, we are experiencing a trend that has resulted in some students sharing with me that they feel excluded. I am writing to you to share an experience that some students have shared with me.

On many Monday mornings, students stream into the building, and other students begin to notice that they are not among a particular group. There is a group (or groups) of students who are wearing the same colorful article of clothing - a t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants or leggings. Upon closer inspection, you can see the name of a student clearly labeled on the clothing honoring a celebration that took place over the weekend. While the students wearing the labeled clothing are all chatting excitedly about their weekend experiences, the students who aren't wearing the clothing tend to walk by, trying not to take notice while being reminded that they were not included in the festivities.

As educators we are concerned about the unintentional messages that are conveyed when groups of students wear the same celebratory clothing from weekend events. In order to reinforce practices that promote inclusion and community, we respectfully ask that:

* Your children refrain from wearing clothing to school that identifies a weekend celebration marked with a student name.

* We encourage you to have a conversation with your child about this trend and how it may make others feel who may have been excluded from participating in the event. Explore the idea of being inclusive and how one can resist the urge to wear the clothing right after the celebration as it make students who aren't included feel left out.

This will assist us in fostering a whole community spirit focused on education at Oak Hill. We appreciate your understanding and sensitivity to this issue. If you have questions or comments, please address these to the School Council...

Thank you,

Oak Hill School Council Members
So Newton MA is trying to put a ban on kids feeling bad.  As yourself this: What would your father have done or said to you had you come home from school one day and said, "Dad, some of the other kids went to a birthday party this weekend. They all made shirts and I don't have one because I wasn't invited. When I walked past them in the hall I felt sorry for myself and was sad".

What's particularly frightening is that most of the Newton parents see nothing wrong with this in any way.  After all, these are the idiots that built a $200 million high school.

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