Saturday, January 8, 2011

Decision Points

I have a comic book habit.  Badly.

Comics are written like soap operas, to keep you hooked.  Every issue ends with a cliffhanger and you can't stop.  Secret Invasion led to the Dark Reign crossover which led to Siege which led to Heroic Age, then you had Shadowland now there's some X-Men thing - but I don't read the X-Men because they suck and it's a weak analogy of the poor, suffering special interest groups in America.

I don't care about their special interests.  I have my own to worry about...I've no room for their concerns and I certainly don't care about progressive politicians pushing their agendas upon me without Constitutional legality.

I'm digressing, but with a purpose.

Comics are usually written in 6 issue they can pack those 6 issues into trade paperbacks in case you don't want to buy single issues (which I do sometimes, now that I'm with child).  If you read a lot of titles, it's hard to remember what happened a month ago in one title, when you're reading 8-10 others.  So I've adopted the practice of holding on to issues I really like until the story arc is finished, and reading them all in one sitting.  Or waiting for that trade paperback to come out and read that.

With that free time I've been able to get into reading books more often again.

I finally cracked open Decision Points today and within the first 10 pages I felt I knew this man.  Obviously I know him as president.  But he really is that guy you wave to when you're mowing your lawn.  He's a throwback politician.  A politician pressed from the mold used to create guys like Adams, Madison, Jefferson, Harrison, Washington.  Guys that felt a calling, served and went back to their real lives.  Not a Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Biden.

Buy this book.  Buy this book too.  Compare.  Reflect.

Then realize the very real enemy among us.

The Religion Of Peace

Via Zilla.

The Religion Of Peace (my ass) that our leftist friends want us to

with - because they are simply a different culture, and we're the group of intolerant, religious, whacko Christian zealots that hate all that differ from us has a heartwarming story coming out of Afghanistan.

Obviously, this news needs to be buried on the internet where smart people go for their news because you won't find Katie Lipstick leading with it on the nightly news...not will it be at the top of Google Poos.

A judge in Afghanistan has given an Afghani Christian one week - one week - to convert to Islam or be killed.

As Zilla says..."Is this the government we want our soldiers dying for?"

I don't think we do.

These people live in the stone age...pun intended.  They are hopeless religious kookbars that can't see anything other than their own way of life.  Everything else deserves death in their opinion and they've been killing Christians at an astonishing rate for centuries.  I don't care what Hollywood tells you...take a look at the stats in that Google link.  It's astonishing.

Islam is terrorism.  Through and through, read the Koran and it'll tell you.  Look at the rate at which Muslims infest a country and breed...they have a plan and it ain't to start a Muslim branch of the Elks.

Aidan Clay, ICC Regional Manager for the Middle East, said, “Shoaib Assadullah may be given a death sentence as early as tomorrow if the international community does not act quickly. If Assadullah is executed, his death will signify the failure of the United States and her allies to liberate Afghanistan from the radical ideals of the Taliban after investing millions of dollars to reform the country’s judicial system. We urge the international community to demand the immediate release of Assadullah and to hold Afghanistan accountable to its commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”
I added the bold.  That basically means, "unless the US does something".  We all know the U.N. won't.  The U.N. is a farce that doesn't understand civil rights, but loves to preach about national sovereignty.

Will Barack Hussein Obama act on behalf of this Christian?

You know the answer.

Post The Hotness If You...

Are sick of hearing about "The 12th Man" already.

The second quarter just started, and I think I've heard it mentioned 77 times.

So, here's The Hotness for you to start it off...

Click Her Tummy To Make Her Hotness Bigger

Jayson Whitlock Is A Racist Prick

There's this sports writer.

From his bio on Shitapedia: "a sportswriter for, as well as a former columnist at the Kansas City Star, AOL Sports writer, contributor to ESPN, and radio personality for WHB and KCSP sports stations in the Kansas City area".

So obviously this guy is everywhere...and he is always running his mouth saying stupid, racist things:  If you don't like the NBA, you're a racist.  If you don't like A-Rod, you're a racist.  Isiah Thomas is innocent because his accuser was white racist...I don't feel like linking them just Google "Jayson Whitlock is a racist" and you'll see all his examples of idiocy.

Rush Limbaugh said, "Sorry to say this, I don't think he's been that good from the get-go. I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well. There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team" and got fired.

I reeeealy don't see what he said wrong and I never will. What I do see and always will see, is that he told the truth. Racist black people don't like truth, PC people don't like truth...came to find out ESPN didn't like truth either and Rush lost what he admitted to be one of his dream jobs.  With all due respect to Rush, he should have known better.  When you have a network that puts people like Emmit Smiff in front of the camera to know you're overqualified and just about anything you say is going to be too complicated for them or their listeners.

Back to my point.  Jayson Whitlock is the Al Sharpton of sports.  The Jesse Jackson of sports.  Injecting racism on the part of white people where it just doesn't belong.  Blaming white people for everything that might happen...even things that don't.

On a recent radio interview on my favorite morning talk show, the Dennis and Callahan show, they interviews Jayson and asked him about why so many NBA players have tattoos.  They knew what they were asking.  These two guys are conservatives and two of the smartest guys I know.

So, why do you think they have tattoos?  To stick out?  To look cool?  So they don't get labeled by their street homies as "sell outs"?  So they can get that all important street cred?  Nope.

NBA players have tattoos because "we have a nation in prison" and they are "representing that nation".

So basically - we've kept the black man down so much and for so long, that when NBA players sign those amazing multi-year multi-million dollar contracts they run off to the tattoo parlor in remembrance of their incarcerated brethren.

Just like these girls are keeping it real for their locked up brothers...

This Is Dedicated To Their Homies On Death Row
Are they buying houses like this to remember their incarcerated brothers? Uhhh...

Anyway..ignore that double standard and idiotspeak please.  It'll only ruin their agenda.  As if it hasn't already been destroyed.

Listen to the Whitlock interview, they get right to it...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Seriously, This Story Gives Me The Warm And Fuzzies

This is my firrst nomination for "Feel Good Story Of The Winter".  I plan on posting a few of these (in between my psychotic rants, raves and drivel) every so often and at the end of each season see which one had the staying power to actually remain the "Feel Good Story" of that season.  I expect you to vote early and vote often.

On to it...

Typically, I dislike panhandlers.

I know it's easier said than done, but I would do anything it took - be it flipping burgers, pumping gas, pouring coffee at a Dunkin Donuts, walking up and down the street offering to mow lawns and shovel driveways to scrubbing toilets before asking for a hand out - to get by.  My father just didn't bring me up that way

But there's something about this guy (ya gotta scroll a bit...Andy's a word-smith of the highest order who apparently buries his leads) ;) ...that warmed even me up a bit.  Apparently, the video got pulled due to the ©. So linkage at the bottom.

I have never heard a voice like that.

I've heard people exaggerate their radio voices, but his is natural, flowing, smooth and unforced.  It's really the best I've heard in a long time...and I hate platitudes and hyperbole.  I tend to avoid them, there's always someone better.  Humility is another lesson my father bestowed upon me when I was too young and stupid to understand he was a smart man.  (You don't survive two tours in Vietnam and raising me, of all people, without some kind of smarts).

Well, Ted Williams, neither a drug addict anymore nor a lazy lowlife looking for someone to do it for him.

Ted Williams went to school.  Ted did all the right things.  And people make mistakes.  I've made mine, you've made yours.  He fell into some hard times by his own hand and happens.

Ted Williams now works for the Cleveland CavaliersVery, cool.

Sarah Palin Ain't Takin' Michelle Obama's Shit

Not Fat People
And I don't blame her.

The "obesity crisis" has always struck me as simple classism or elitism.  The elites don't like looking at ugly people - never have, never will.

In my opinion there's two ways to look at it.  The liberal elite tend to look at it, though they know not why they do, as an issue affecting only America.  The facts tell otherwise.  America sits at a 30% obesity, second place is Mexico at 24%, followed by the UK at 23%, Slovakia 22%, Greece, 21%, Australia, 21%...

Ask a liberal and they will often tell you "America is by far the fattest country in the world".  While the US is at the top of the isn't a blowout by any means.

So, the two ways to look at it:
  1. Poor people in prosperous countries eat less healthy food, not as much arugula as the beautiful people.
  2. Prosperous countries have more money for food, therefore they eat more because we have it good.  You don't see people shooting each other in the streets of Portland Oregon when a U.N. chopper drops a pallet of rice.  You do see that happening in Ethiopia, Somalia, Central African Republic or Zimbabwe...for example.
So, I'm left to wonder why we're to feel so horrible about the way we look.  Is it the old "There's starving kids in China..." your mom used to tell you when you wouldn't eat your cauliflower?  Is it..."How dare you fat white, Southern people look the way you do when we have people all over Africa that can't eat because their warlords wait for US bought food drops, kill all the citizens and steal it for themselves to sell at a nicely inflated price.  You should be ashamed for sitting there eating fried chicken, hamburgers and donuts.  Where's your sense of white guilt pride?"

The article makes a point that everything The Faux Lady does is so politically vetted, pricked and prodded so as to accomplish two things:
  1. Push a political agenda
  2. Make it appear she isn't just a talking head
Pat Nixon was the first First Lady to visit a combat zone.  Bloomer Ford had breast cancer. Rosalyn Carter was worried about mental health (frankly everyone was during the Carter administration).  Nancy Reagan campaigned against youth drug use.  Barbara Bush was a literacy advocate. Rodham simply thought she was the Vice President, as well as "family advocacy".  I'm guessing family advocacy is lawyer speak for "helping poor people".  Laura Bush brought class back to First Lady status and concerned herself with literacy, HIV/AIDS, heart disease and breast cancer.  And don't forget Tipper Gore telling us what kind of music we can listen to and what we can't. 

Go to your favorite music download place and download the Anthrax song "Startin' Up A Posse" and listen to it.  That was rock and roll's answer to Tipper Gore's "Can you stop swearing in your songs please?"  Lyrics after the jump...

"Michelle" Soetoro is worried about fat people. 

Do you see the trend?  The liberals tend to choose things through which they can dictate our behavior, while the conservatives tended to find things that actually helped people - raising funds and advocating for things like breast cancer and literacy.

So again, here we sit...asking the liberals to leave us the fuck alone and live our lives in peace.  We don't need you to teach us anything, thanks Mrs. Palin, we need you to govern.

We don't need your advice.  Please go fix this mess you continue to make and leave us the fuck alone.

If I want to smoke a pack of cigarettes while eating a hamburger using Boston creme donuts instead of buns...I am allowed to do as such.

Fuck off.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What Have You Contributed To The Internet? HUH?

Personally, I have invented two words...
  1. The Daily Show Generation - The Generation following and including some Gen X'ers and Gen Y'ers.
  2. Obamatardiot - Not your garden variety Obamaniac.
Vote them up.

And beat that, beeches.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Very Undemocratic

More Of This Please
The 112th Congress was sworn in today.

One of their first orders of business was to strip away floor voting rights belonging to those from American Samoa, Puerto Rico, District of Columbia and Guam.  I personally can't believe they had them...but to be honest, it's obvious why the Democrats gave them the floor rights to begin with: they're minorities.

More minorities = more D votes = more people enslaved to the Democratic Party.

In response to this, some moron from the Virgin Islands said it was "a very undemocratic way" to start Congress.

You're right, it is.  It's a very Republican way, a very Constitutional way, natch  By very definition, delegates are non-voting talking heads.  But, typical of Democrats, seizing an opportunity to enslave minorities and keep them under their middle-class funded thumb, gave them the rights when Komrade Klintoon was in office.

Commonwealths don't get to vote on stuff, period

I wish they'd strip the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' congressmen of their voting rights.

As far as Issa goes, I want this bulldog going for the throat.  One of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' reps is Barney Frank...who shouldn't have a job to begin with...has already announced he plans on attacking what happened over there at Fannie Frank and Freddy Mae.


It still remains my fear that this Congress will get in there, do what needs to be done and the idiotic American voters that put us in this mess to begin with will think Obama did it.  They'll stop blaming Bush simply by virtue of all the failboats suddenly no longer afloat.

They'll see two years of things happening and Obama's approval rating will start to rise...because they're idiots.

Less Of This Please
A commenter in my last post pointed out that they need to adopt the Liberal practice of "repeat, repeat, repeat".  Don't stop talking about who did what.  When they did it, and why.

Hopefully then it'll sink in.  My conservative colleagues are of the mindset that America will be fooled twice.  And these are hardcore Conservatives.

While the prospect of 2, let alone 6, more years of an active, practicing enemy of this country at its helm frighten the damn pants off me...I'm of the opposite mindset.

They picked the wrong guy.  End of discussion.  The Dems have always woken up in the morning and shot themselves in the foot.  They saw all the Bush hate (generated by the Daily Show Generation) and picked the looniest, most corrupt lefty they could find and pushed him through...using tactics never seen before.

Watch these videos after the jump.  You know why he was voted in.  Please don't forget.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Tough Talk New Year

There's a New Sheriff In Town
Is 2011 the year of the Tea Party?

Could it be the year of tough talk?

Is it the year that our true enemy, our infiltrated subjugator, smartens up or keeps it up?

Could it possibly be the year that our Congress reverses the damage perpetrated upon us?  Check the date on one is allowed to say they didn't see it coming. 

Unfortunately for them, if the 112th Congress fails to do its job - Obama will fail as well.  If our Congress succeeds, is the American public dumb enough to attribute those political and financial solutions to the very administration that created the problem?

While I know our Congress is going to go in and get things done (some of these folks look like they're frothing at the mouth) I fear it will lead to Barry's re-election.

What do you think?  Are the next two years going to be filled with so much success, movement and recovery that the American voter will bend over and allow themselves to be fooled again?

I cannot root for American failure, this isn't rooting for the Yankees to win so the Red Sox slip in with a Wild Card slot.  There's more at stake.

I simply fear that with so much at stake, we can't afford to be duped twice.  People need to know who did what, when and why.

What say you?