Thursday, January 27, 2011

Changed Local Comic Shops

I had been thinking about changing my LCS lately.  The one I had been going to for a few years is located in the town in which I work.  Since moving and with time being a high commodity right now, there's been weeks when I was unable to pick up new comics until Saturday or Sunday (new comics are every Wednesday).

In the next town over from where I live is a shop, not as deep as far as back issues goes but they're tied in with  I had always thought about using comiXology for my pull list and when I finally pulled the trigger it was great.  I mean, you can just sort through any upcoming book, add them to your pull list, walk in the door and there it is.  Really couldn't be easier.

We'll see how it works with figures and other stuff, if the store can honor requests for toys because I would sift through the Previews at the other store and order figures and they would come...but everything was done by pen to paper and there had been a few times when things just didn't show up.  I had also tried to change, drop or add things to or from my pull list and it would seem to take months to happen.  I'm pretty sure with this website there won't be that problem.

So, week one was a success.  But I think final judgement won't come until a few months.

Oh, and they got an app.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I Can Finally Talk About Football

Now that the Jets have lost, I feel better and can move on with my "football life" diminished as it's become in the past year since another human being was added to the house in which I live.

I've seen some pretty nasty, scumbag filled squads in my time...think Raiders from the 60s to today.  But the Jets took it to a new level.

When a guy who has dozens of kids with dozens of different women, can't remember the names of his own children, goes to the papers and says "Tom Brady is a scumbag" I just don't know where to go.  I know this country has lost every bit of common sense, and sports shouldn't be compared to real life...but these guys are as despicable as it gets.

The icing on the Jets loss (even though alleged rapist ROFLsburger is going to a Super Bowl and we have to listen to God awful Shittsburgh fans talk about the greatest dynasty in football for 2-3 more weeks) is the video you can find after the jump, henceforth known as Boogergate.