Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Hypocrisy

This week Jalen Rose, he of the Michigan Fab 5, said that when he was younger he hated Grant Hill and Duke because Duke only drafted "Uncle Toms".

He said he had to sleep in a hooded sweatshirt and went without, whereas Grant went through everything he could possibly do to rise above it, get good grades and go to a college where athletics are just as important as opposed to Michigan.  Who apparently only cares if you show up to an interview unarmed.

Grant Hill wrote an amazing piece in response to this ignorance, racism and downright stupidity on the part of Rose.  I'm glad he didn't go to ESPN, as this Fab 5 piece was an ESPN piece and would have simply helped them with their ratings and "controversy".

Blacks have done more to keep racism alive, well and thriving in this country than anyone else.  They have no one to blame but themselves when they get pulled over for DWB (Driving While Black).  Maybe if you weren't driving a stolen care you wouldn't have gotten pulled over...maybe?

When Colin Powell was working with George Bush, the term Uncle Tom was thrown around at him quite a bit by the disgusting, racist black community.  When Colin Powel suddenly supported Obama...that term never came up again.

Condi Rice has been called an Uncle Tom.

The NAACP doesn't care about the advancement of "Colored People".  They care about the advancement of the "Liberal Agenda".  As long as their black counterparts are pushing their liberal agenda...they're suddenly "real blacks".

But how dare anyone say something like "You could tell the man on the phone was black".  That's "racism"...according the racist black community.

When Howard Bryant was arrested recently for choking his wife in the middle of the street, he hired his black lawyer and immediately called all 9 witnesses and 5 police officers racists.  That somehow, all those people and cops would have just walked away if a white guy was choking his wife.  When these disgusting black racists play the race card every single time they get in trouble, they do more to perpetuate racism than anything they say out of the other side of their mouths.

When roomfulls of people stood up and cheered for O.J. Simpson being acquitted of murder, it was because a black man "got away with one".  As if slicing the throats off two people so severely their heads were dangling by threads of skin is simply a way of keeping score for the black community, they've got a long way to go before they can keep up the charade.

Put the race card the reality card.  Man up and take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming everything and everyone on your own terrible choices in life.  Even though it's apparently racist for a white person to say "talk black" or "act black" even though - cut the bullshit - we all know exactly what it is.  When someone in your community doesn't talk like you, or act like you, or dress or walk like you expect them to, and they try to excel at life as opposed to holding a a 20 year pity party with a pocket full of crack and no job you call them "Uncle Tom's" - it's nothing more than your own black guilt for failing at life.  It's nothing more than someone proving that all your lame excuses about "school tests being set up to make you fail", or "jobs discriminating against you" or "people staring at you when you go to a store just because you're black" are a bunch of bullshit excuses to drift through life doing nothing and blaming everyone else for it, while holding your hand out asking for handouts.

Al Sharpton has Jewish blood on his hands, with black pride on his forked tongue and black enslavement on his mind.  If blacks were truly free he'd be out of a "job" or whatever you call it.  But blacks have chosen to listen to these charlatans, consider them leaders, accept their excuses for failure and perpetuate the cycle of their own failure.

When the disgusting, racist black community starts owning up to what they've done, instead of blaming white society...racism in this country will go away.

They've got no one to blame but themselves.

Grow up blacks, there's 4 fingers pointing right back at you when you point your finger at someone else.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obama Is Monitoring The Situation





I'm not much of a Facespacer or Twitster, Linkspace or MyTwat or Big Twits or anything like that...too much work for too little info.

But I do follow a few people I consider influential, creative, share my beliefs...or some people that I'm simply a fan of. Jimmy Palmiotti @JPalmiotti, who writes one of the greatest and most consistently great books: Jonah Hex.

@MikePortnoy, who does things behind a drumset that are illegal on three continents and if I were to ever try anything he's ever done I my arms would shatter at the elbows.  Mike Portnoy was and will continue to be Dream Theater.  Dream Theater does not exist in my world without him...sorry.

Meanolmeany over at liberalsmash of course.

And I followed Charlie "Headed For a Heart Attack" Sheen until I realized just how completely idiotic this piece of turd is.  That's what happens when a spoiled brat gets told "No".  See the size of the tantrum he's having?  These spoiled, drug addled morons that other spoiled, drug addled morons like the current generation actually look up to these people...and consider them something special.  So faced with such a legion of yes-men and adoring mindless media consumers, one can't blame him for this most epic of all celebrity meltdowns.  It's just needs to end  It needs to end Keith Moon style while he's filming one of this moronic web streams.

Karl Rove, one of the most brilliant political minds this country has.  When it comes down to it, you're glad this guy is on your side, and you don't even know it.  Wrote up this little bit of info yesterday and it's as spot on as it can be with the current Teleprompter Of The United States.

While Qaddafi slaughters his own people in the streets, 0bama is "continuing to monitor the situation". Do nothing pussy.

While Japan is basically destroyed, 0bama is "watching the situation very closely".

He's all talk, and no walk. The biggest do nothing leader the world has ever seen.  He gives a war speech while accepting the Nobel Fucking Peace Prize...which honestly hasn't meant anything since .  He got it because he's black and because he wasn't Bush.  Plain and simple.

While all the liberal morons couldn't believe the Patriot Act was put into effect...0bama did the right thing and actually extended it.  Liberal outrage? Nowhere to be found.  Just like all the war protests.

Just read it, it's worth it.