Friday, April 8, 2011

Manny Ramirez Retires

After being notified that he was being investigated for steroid use, again, Super Weirdo Manny Ramirez retired today.

Rather than face the obvious 100 game suspension and the utter humiliation of his "600 home runs" becoming tainted he decided to quit baseball and quit on the hapless Tamp Bay Rays fans.

What a career on this guy.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Obama The Failure, Eva Longoria's Tits

Karl Rove said today over at Fox News that :
Our government's failure to have a budget in place halfway through the fiscal year is the president's responsibility. He and his party dominated Congress by wide margins when the budget was supposed to be put in place.

However, Obama blamed Congress.  Because that's what Obama does.  He looks down his nose at everyone, juts his chin out and points his finger.  He's responsible for nothing but apologizing for American history.

2 wars in the Muslim world, 1 war in the Muslim world because Obama pimped our military out to countries that betrayed us because they're too weak to defend their own national interests, the second highest rated murder and kidnapping city in the world is located in between our borders so that more minorities can enter the country and help keep Obamaprompter in power, a war at our southern border, 8.9% Obamaployment, gas prices skyrocketing and Hussein is playing political games with our a time like this.
In the short term, it's obvious what Mr. Obama hopes to gain. Having watched his standing as "a strong and decisive leader" drop to 52% in last month's Gallup poll from 60% last year, the president is looking to profit politically from a shutdown of the federal government.
He's such a miserable failure and his tactics are easily seen if you simply open your eyes.  He's been selling this country down the river and circumventing the Constitution since he magically appeared in Hawaii.
He will stop at nothing.

Hopefully Eva Longoria's wardrobe malfunction on Numberman will help you feel better.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There's Sick, Then This

11 year old girl gang-raped by gang in a bathroom.

Give Me 25 Minutes And A Set Of Needle Nose Pliers
Michael Sykes, left is the only adult in the gang of 7 people that sexually assaulted this girl at a community park in California.  Of course, they're all gang members.

Some gangs are told to practice "random acts of violence".  Meaning...simply kill an innocent person or something similar - to someone not involved in the gang at all.  Usually they "beat" each other into the gang but the notorious M-13 and their predecessors the Mexican Mafia began teaching their young go-getters to be more viscous.  Just pick someone regardless of race, sex, age and kill, rape, mutilate or destroy.

The above pukepail decided to grab a few of his pals, plus an older girl (one of their girlfriends?) to lure her into the bathroom and take turns raping her.  I get sick typing this stuff.

The article doesn't mention the victim's race.  But I am reminded for some reason of this particularly gruesome story.