Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ben Templesmith Is AWESOME

Not only is Choker a great read, but everyone knows Ben is a genius behind the page.

Check out this awesome Electra he's got up on Ebay...

Go buy this now, Templesmith is a legend and this Electra is epic.

A Nice Breakdown Of US Comic Readers

Someone smarter than I compiled some data from The Facebookie, breaking down who we are.

I found it pretty interesting, and noticed that I was kinda smack dab in the middle.  Never in a large slice of the pie, and never in the minority.  The majority is, obviously, single, 18-30 year old boymen.

I'm a married, 35 year old manboy.

My Pull List For Today

Pretty big week for me today, I'm thinking of dropping Secret Avengers because nothing in the plot is sticking with me.  I'll need to free up some room for the upcoming Punisher, Daredevil and Moon Knight reboots as well...and Secret Avengers is at the top of my cut list, sorry Ed.

But any week with Walking Dead is a good week.