Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Free Comic Book Day Haul

My Local Comic Shop
If you didn't know, today is Free Comic Book Day.  All the publishers release a book, for free, that showcases upcoming titles, continues a story or introduces a new title.  Some FCBD books have gone on to become very valuable.

The most important thing about FCBD is not to get free stuff, it's to get new readership.  So grab your non-comic-reader friend and head down to your closest shop and have a ball.  Most shops will have artists ranging from pencillers, letterers to writers signing and doing's a great time.

My haul for the day was:
  • 12 Gauge - Ice
  • 12 Gauge - Loose Ends
  • Dark Horse Comics - Avatar
  • Dark Horse Comics - Baltimore
  • Dark Horse Comics - Criminal Macabre
  • Dark Horse Comics - Star Wars "The Clone Wars"
  • Dc - Green Lantern Special Edition
  • Drawn & Quarterly - John Stanley's Summer Fun
  • History Graphics Press - Civil War Adventures
  • Idw - Locke & Key
  • Liquid Comics - Silver Scorpion
  • Marvel - Amazing Spider-Man
  • Oni Press - Spontaneous
  • Radical - Jake The Dreaming
  • Red5 - Atomic Robo
  • Th3rd World Studios - City Of Bones
  • Th3rd World Studios - The Intrepid Escapegoat
  • Th3rd World Studios - The Stuff Of Legend
  • Top Cow - Artifacts
  • Top Cow - The Darkness "Confession"
  • Yen Press - Witch And Wizard

I also picked up a few posters, a custom Punisher sketch from Andy and Vernonica Fish (who's pretty damn cute by the way!), a Green Lantern heroclix and some Daredevil back issues I've been huntinig down. 50 cent bins are great!

While you're at it, head over to ComicBooksBoard for some great comic talk.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Pull List for May 04, 2011

The only Avengers book really worth reading at this point.  Christos Gage is one of the best writers in the Marvel Bullpen right now  Read everything he's doing, it's all superb and above par.

I'm as sick of Thor as can be, but I guess we're stuck with him while Marvel and Hollowweird make love again.

One of my favorite titles month after month.

Zombies, nuff said.

Let's try this again.  Am I more sick of Bendis or Thor?  Bendis.  But Moon Knight deserves a good title that continues.

I've put off the last two issues of this title...It started off great but it seems to be getting a bit boring.  Gonna try for another arc and see if anything happens, else this is getting dropped.

The Walking Dead Survivors Guide!  Good stuff!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Illegal, Racist War For Oil

Suddenly, terrorism exists and Osama bin Laden isn't some kind of boogeyman.

Suddenly, the "illegal, racist war for oil" in Afghanistan was right and just.

Suddenly, GITMO ain't such a bad place at all.

Suddenly, yelling, screaming or otherwise hurting the precious feelings of the GITMO inmates for intel isn't such a bad thing.

Suddenly, Osama bin Laden is dead.