Saturday, May 14, 2011

Live Blogging The Walking Dead: No Way Out Part Two - Issue 81


This issue seems to deal with regret right from the start. Jessie regrets coming on to Rick sexually. Rick assures it's ok, that he doesn't regret anything. He then proceeds to get dressed and go make a phone call, err, start his patrol. Glenn is wracked with guilt about leaving andrea in the shower alone with little to no supplies. maggie tells him not to worry, get back in bed with her and worry about some other lady tomorrow. Heh. Morgan tries to convince himself and Michonne that he doesn't regret sleeping with her. Michonne gives Morgan a verbal smackdown and tell him to basically either get busy livin' or get busy dyin'.

Outside, Abraham has found a weak spot in the wall and notifies Rick. Rick's temporary solution is to back a pickup truck onto the weak post. Glenn has an idea on how to get some of the romers away from the walls: he wants to get a group of people together drive out to the tower Andrea's in, hopefully pulling some roamers away from the wall. Rick think this would work in an emergency but still knows that it would leave them abandoned. During their conversation, Rick tells Glenn about his trist with Jessie, Pete's widow. Glenn is shocked to hear he would leave Carl alone with her...seeing as how, you know, Rick killed her husband and all.

Along comes Spencer with some climbing gear and rope. Using this rope is a safer idea then going out on foot or in a vehicle amongst the roamers, or so they think. They begin to pack gear and head out to get going. Heath, Spencer and Glenn manage to grapple the rope to an adjacent building, they hug and kiss their loved ones, wish each other luck and head out to help Andrea.

Now, I don't know about you, but at this point in time I'm not very confident in Andrea's well being. We've heard no shots (she is smart enough not to shoot and draw attention, but she's been awful quiet) and she's said many times she would prefer to be put down quickly than to become a roamer. Who knows what they've done to the tower? Who knows if they've managed to get to her, or if she's dropped her gun, or been injured and bled out. I just think Andrea would have done something to let the group know she's ok.

Anyway, Glenn and Heath make it across with a few close calls and Spencer is next. Spencer's making his way across the rope and what happens? SNAP!! The rope breaks and down goes Spencer. With a hard "Wramm!" Spencer crashes face first into the adjacent building's wall. Glenn and Heath struggle to pull him up as the zombies get closer and closer to a fresh meal. Screaming for help Spencer's trapped as the two of them can't pull him up.

Right as a zombie has a hold on Spencer's foot and opens it's mouth to take a big chunk of his ankle, the rope suddenly gets a tug and Spencer is pulled up to safety onto the rooftop. Flabbergasted, Glenn and Heath turn around to see Andrea herself saving those that set out to save her.

That's why I love Andrea.

Cut to Holly and Tobin guarding the wall. A weak spot next to the original weak spot has started to form - and down it comes, spilling roamers into the community. (What did Douglas know?)

Cut immediately to a smiling Rick telling Jessie that she can stay there untill things "blow over". Heh.

Holly barges into the house announcing the entire wall has come down. Guess things aren't "blowing over" just yet eh Rick? Rick tells Holly to get everyone to the wall with silent weapons only. Rick arrives at the scene to see Tobin's intestines being used as appetizers. Michonne's missing so it's Rick and Morgan at the wall.

Waiting for reinforcements to arrive, a no good sneaky ass zombie bites Morgans arm from behind. In denial rick tells Morgan to get up, to not give up and to move.

We're left with a close up of Rick's panic strikes eyes as we see about three sets of hands closing in on him.
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Live Blogging The Walking Dead: No Way Out - Issue 80

Issue #80 of the Walking Dead is part 1 of the No Way Out arc. The Twitterverse is abuzz with this being the "Holy Fucking Shit" arc.

I hold on to issues of the walking dead and read them 5 or 6 issues at a time so that I can truly appreciate the flow of each story.

In issue 80 we see Rick in the group preparing to protect themselves from a very very large herd that is gathered around the gates of the community.

The issue starts with Abraham and some others fighting off a group while they attempt to close the main gate. During this struggle Bruce is bitten. Acting quickly and with the resolve Abraham puts bruce out of his misery with a swift home run swing to the front of Bruce's skull.

Douglas has appointed wrecked the leader of the community in his stead, and we're seeing quite a transformation in Douglas's demeanor. What this comes to remains to be seen.

Rick speaks to the community, makes plans for people to start sharing houses again and to do a perimeter search to flesh out any weak spots.

Michonne is put in charge of the night watch and quickly asks Morgan to join her, he is very happy to oblige.

Then there's a moment between Rick and Carl. Rick gives Carl his gun back with a strict warning only pull it out if he intends upon using it. Carl tells Rick he is scared and asks if he appears as such. Rick tells him not at all, and Carl says he's going to be a great leader someday, just like his father. A tender moment and a turning point in Carl's attitude towards his father.  Damn I love this kid.

By the way...Andrea the bad-ass sniper is stuck in a tower outside the relative safety of the community gates.

We then see Douglas on knees in his living room, broken down and sobbing - begging his late wife for forgiveness. Douglas's son enters the the room and sees his father in this condition. What happens next we don't know as the scene cuts to Rick and Carl's house where Jessie and her son Ron seem to have invited themselves over.

Ron confronts Carl in his bed asking him why Rick killed his abusive father Pete, and what makes Carl's father so special. Carl tell him it's just the way it is and goes back to sleep...Ron walks away in tears.Carl owns you and your zombie dad.

There's a quick montage of all the characters preparing, and were left with Jessie asking Rick if she can sleep in bed with him. Rick attempts to reject but Jessie has already climbed in bed and stuck her tongue down this throat!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady Mechanika Part II

More Lady Mechanika chicas for your enjoyment.

I See What You Did There.

Raise Your Arms If You're Hot.

Marry Me?

Humena, Humena, Humena.

Weld Me.

I Think You're Looking At Me.

You Dropped Something, And You Will Need To Get It Yourself.
I know, I'm weird.  But if you don't think these chics are hot (and I think cosplay people are WEIRD) there's something wrong with the stuff in between your ears.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Perky Reasons I Love Comics

There's a great new title out called Lady Mechanika, published by Aspen Comics. In only two issues I'm hooked. The story's great, the art's great...and Lady Mechanika is one of the hottest comic book girls I've seen in a while.

Yes, I know I'm pathetically geek.

I stumbled across this girl dressing up like Lady Mechanika and being generally hot as hell.

The last time I dressed up as a fictional character was when I wore my Superman underoos last week...I mean when I was 5.

But I'm thankful this girl did this. I thank her from the bottom of my heart...yeah, yeah my heart. More deliciousness.
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