Saturday, May 21, 2011

Live Blogging The Walking Dead: No Way Out Part Three - Issue 82

"I know you did".

This issue of The Walking Dead spares no time getting into it.  It's what we've come to know and love about this book.  No holds barred.

Morgan is bitten, after Tobin's gruesome death and is struggling to get out of the Dead's grasp.  Rick helps him move away a slight while Michonne arrives on the scene.  Seeing Michonne, he kind of snaps out of it and starts to move it a bit.  I've always had the sense Morgan has this self-fulfilling prophesy that they were going to get him anyway, he was just petrified of it.

Ok, so - his arm has a large gash and Rick tells Michonne that they've got to take Morgan's arm off.  Michonne, being the bad-ass, "act first" survivor that she is slices her lover's arm clean off in one swift move motion,. interrupting Morgan asking her what they're talking about.

She knows what needs to be done.  There are very few people in this book that "know what to do".  And we've known she's one of them since her incredible introduction.

Michonne isn't done slicing, I'm sure she's got a bit of anger to get out, as well as, you know, the whole surviving thing.  But I'm sure a few of these particular heads were sliced off with a bit more pleasure than usual.  But she doesn't show it one iota.  Rick tries to bring Morgan to safety, but is cornered.  Johnny-on-the-spot Abraham puts a pipe into the back of a Dead's skull and tells Rick to move out.  Rick moves out.

We're then brought back to Glenn, April, Heath and Spencer atop the roof watching this all transpire.  In a great panel, allowing us to catch our breaths for a moment, the four of them have jaws agape, eyes wide and amazed at the action going on and how fast it's all gone down the toilet.

Glenn, the quick moving survivor that's saved lives a plenty with his wit and quickness starts to confess that he isn't going to make it out of this one.  He's going to die.  And he knows it.

Back at the Battle Of the Blargh, Abraham is unleashing F-bombs and headshots galore, worried that he's getting overwhelmed before Rosita shows up and gives him a bit of reprieve - like I said...a bit.

Cut to Rick and Morgan at Rick's place with Morgan being treated.  Not knowing if the arm was taken off in time, all that's left is the waiting.  Carl asks Rick if Morgan's OK and Rick replies that he doesn't know yet.  Michonne, anguished, is sitting over Morgan's sleeping body and calls him a damn fool - out of the obvious love she has for him.

Denise asks Rick to walk her back to her place, he agrees.  Suddenly Maggie is banging on the door telling everyone to get down and stay down.  They look outside and the streets are littered with Deads.  This is as bad as it's every been, Glenn was right.  We're starting to wonder who it is that's going to pay the price for this.

Cut back to Morgan, this time it's Carl over him.  With a pistol aimed at his face.  Morgan tells him he doesn't need it, that he's fine. Carl maturely holsters the gun. He asks if Rick sent Carl up there to "watch" him.  Carl tells him yes, that he's old enough.  Have I mentioned I love this kid?

Morgan asks how old Carl is, we know Morgan's thinking of someone else here.  Carl says he thinks he's 8...that they might have lost one of his birthdays.  Morgan says he's sorry to hear that...and that he saw Carl shoot Ben.  I expected Carl to run out...but Carl says, "I know you did".  This kid is awesome.  I repeat, "I know you did".  How amazing is this kid going to turn out?

Over at the Douglas household, he's crying at Regina about how sorry he is, that he's a horrible person.  He wishes she were here with him.  And that makes him feel guilty, to wish she were in this madness.  He feels selfish and shallow.  (Well, he is a Democrat, so it's kind of a prerequisite).

Over at the church, people are barging their way in and Gabriel, in tears, let's them in.  Remeber what Gabriel did to his own congregation?  Quite a turn around, yes?

The next page is the next morning.  Rick and Jessie are asleep and Rich asks where Carl is.  She assures him that she put the children to bed.  Rick says he likes having her here.  No guilt there, eh Douglas?  She sticks her tongue down his throat.

Michonne and Carl and with Morgan.  Morgan asks Michonne for a minute alone with Carl.  Morgan says he reminds him of his own son, Duane and how remarkable they both were.  Morgan tells Carl that he did what did for a reason and it was the right thing.  Morgan goes on for a few pages, coughing, feverish and talking about what an amazing boy Carl is.  He tells Carl how sad he is that he'll never learn about the world...not the junk in school books, but how to become a man...and he worries how Carl is going to do when Morgan dies, when he's left with no one to talk to.  He then says, "You're going to have to be strong, Duane".

Carl says, with his hand on his revolver, "I'm not Duane.  He's dead."  Morgan's anguished face tells you everything...

Back on the roof, the pack of 4 are figuring a way to get back to the group.  Spencer tries to float the idea of ditching everyone and taking off - just he and April.  Awesome April punches him in his dumb little face and says "That's about the end of you and me".

Back in the hood, the roamers are still all over the place and people are starting to seriously wondering what they're going to do.  Jessie wants Rick to lead everyone out, past the fence, past all the roamers and to safety.  Rick argues, correctly, that they would pick people off one by one.  That it would turn to chaos and there'd be no way to help people once they got into trouble.  Rick says a small group would be OK, but not everyone...hinting that he's willing to take her and her daughter.  Jessie terrified says they can't leave people here...there's children.  Rick's statement hits home like April's punch to Spencer's face:

"They're not our children".

End of issue 82.  Someone's gonna get it bad.  You know this is coming.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I Am Ashamed

I have never been ashamed of my country.

Today I am.  I am ashamed we allowed this monster into the White House.

Perhaps he wants those borders to go back to 1946 conditions?

This is a dangerous, dangerous man you people elected.

He is destroying not only this country, but the world and any progress that's been made.

I am ashamed you let this happen to us, liberals.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Pull List for May 18, 2011

Yeah, yeah I know.  Spidey is everywhere.  But Gage's Academy characters are some of the most intriguing and I love reading anything related to Academy.

See above, minus the Spidey comment.

The first arc had me pissing my pants laughing.  Hydra Bob was put through hell and when Hammerhead smashed that dude's head in I laughed so hard I pissed my shirt (I don't know what that means, either).  But the latest arc is getting a bit odd.  Just go back to being funny, or serious.  Not both.  I'd rather the funny.

Uh, Image? Check.  Number 1? Check.  Pulled.

This is consistently, along with Academy, Chew, Walking Dead (I'll continue that live blogging of No Way Out...I just had to finish reading it because it was to fucking awesome to stop) Skullkickers, PunisherMAX, Haunt and Jonah Hex, one of the best series' on the racks.  I love everything about this title.

I'm just buying these to read about the Ultimate Spidey dying.

See above.

Gonna keep going with this title.  Fantomex is a really intriguing character and the last story arc really pulled itself by its bootstraps at the end there.