Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Live Blogging The Walking Dead: No Way Out Part Three - Issue 83 - Holy Shit Moment Of The Year

Starting up right where issue 82 left off, Rick and Jessie are discussing leaving. (Right about here, two things are setting in:
  1. Man they had it so good here
  2. Kirkman hasn't done it in a while, someone is going to die, someone important
Rick insists he isn't abandoning everyone, he wants to get himself and Carl clear, and he's willing to help her as well.  But you know, I know and Rick's eyes tell you that he isn't coming back for anyone.

Cut to Michonne watching over Morgan, she breaks down and apologizes for her outburst earlier.  She really lets it out for the first time in, what...50 issues?  She talks about how she hides everything, because if she were to show her true self she'd be exposed...and she hurt a "broken man" who was truly strong, not weak as she had implied the night before.  She asks for his forgiveness and there's nothing but silence.  Michonne's eyes are filled with tears.

That's epic.  Morgan and his son were the first humans Rick met after coming out of the hospital.  Morgan nursed Rick back to health.  Morgan is probably one of the most senior characters in this book.  But, Morgan just died...on page 2.  Kirkman ain't done.  Not on page 2.  That's crazy.

Downstairs...Maggie says she isn't coming.  She's going to stay with Sophia.  She doesn't feel comfortable risking Sophia's life out amongst the dead...she is too slow, she claims.  Rick agrees about her speed but says he had taken that into account anyway.  All of a sudden, Rick opens the door and pulls a roamer inside to everyone's shock.  He raises an axe in tells everyone to get the kids out of the room.

Rosita and Abraham are locked in the church, Abraham assuring her every-thing's just gonna be perky turkey.  Gabriel is deep in prayer, probably thinking about what he did to his own congregation.  Eugene says he's hungry.

Lot's of stuff bringing us back to the younger days of The Walking Dead in this arc.  Holly's sleeping comfortably (not) on top of a snow covered roof with just a stick in her hand.

Cut to Douglas holding a gun to his temple, stuttering the word "Can't".  A Democrat with a gun...that's going to lead to something horrible if he doesn't just pull the trigger right now. Andrea, Glenn, Spencer and Heath are still planning their rescue, they're going to split up and meet a few blocks ahead to lure away the dead, then come back to get others off the roof.

Cut to Michonne saying she's sorry to Morgan with her eyes clenched tightly.

(Have I mentioned this book is moving faster than Mario Andretti on crack?)

Rick is hacking bits and pieces off the roamer he pulled in.  Telling people to tear sheets to fashion them into ponchos.  Michonne comes downstairs and tells everyone Morgan's dead.  Rick actually pauses for a moment and Michonne asks what she can do to help.

Dr. Colby refuses to cover herself with zombie bits and claims to be going back to her lab.  Michonne says she'll help her get there, Maggie says she's definitely not going now.  Rick tells her he's not going to waste time changing her mind...he turns to Jessie who looks at Rick as if he's the savior and says she'll follow him anywhere.

Sophia hugs Carl and says, "Bye".  Carl's response" "Yeah. Bye."

Outside they go, covered in zombie guts.  Jessie looks over to her son, Ron, telling him to move it...he's frozen in spot with urine streaming down his pant legs.

Cut to Douglas opening his door saying to himself, "Come on Douglas, you know this is the only way".  As he faces lines of roamers in front of his place.  Michonne, Rick, Jessie and the kids are trying to get through as Michonne is slicing and dicing.  Ron is absolutely petrified, slowing everyone down.  Jessie is yelling at him to move,  Rick is yelling at them to stop yelling and drawing attention.  It's chaos.

I turn the page and see about 4 zombies attacking the boy, Ron.  One is biting his neck and Jessie screams in horror.  Adlard is amazing in this arc.  From what appeared to be the inside of cozy, warm suburban homes, to a close up of Ron's face being torn apart.

I take a breath.

Rick yells that Jessie has to leave him, she insists she can't.

Douglas, standing in the middle of the zombies puts the gun to his head again and we see Jessie inevitably getting ripped apart.  Rick walks away with a tear in his eye.  However, Jessie has grabbed Carl in desperation to perhaps keep Rick from leaving her.  Carl screams and Rick is pissed.

He runs over and pulls Carl away, apologizing to Jessie as she's being eaten alive.  She refuses to let go of Carl's hand so rick cuts her hand off.

Epically.  Fucking.  Brutal.

Is that it?  Something tells me it's not over.  Douglas has flip-flopped (heh-heh, Democrats) and is now shooting at the zombies, telling everyone to get into their houses where it's safe...idiot.  Rick tells Douglas to stop shooting, as has been proven time and time again gunfire draws them.

Maggie and Sophia are inside.  Maggie tells her to ignore the screams.  Dr. Colby enters the house, she's had enough of all that silly shit outside.

Back outside is Michonne slicing away, Douglas firing away, Rick screaming to stop...it's total chaos.  Douglas gets attacked and drawn to the ground where he starts wildly firing his gun.  As the last shot rings out Rick asks if everyone is OK.



We're shown Carl, shot through the right eye with that side of his face missing.  A huge word bubble with the tiny word "Dad?" within.

That was "Holy Shit".

Rick's face is as horror stricken as it's ever been as carl falls face first at Rick's feet. Rick picks Carl up and says,  "Thank God".  Carl must be breathing.  He hacks and slashes away, begging Carl to keep breathing as zombies rip the poncho off Rick's back.  He's totally exposes, telling Carl to breath he runs away as Michonne is seen asking Rick what happened.

Rick races back to his house, Dr. Colby opens the door and Rick is holding Carl and begs of her to save his life.

Holy Shit Moment Of The Year.  Flashpoint?  Please, step off.