Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hear Ye Hear Ye

I need your image packs of the following women, stat:

Melissa Debling

Emma Frain

India Reynolds

Seren Gibson

Kayleigh Pearson

Madison Welch

Holly Peers

Elle Basey

Rhian Sugden

Sammie Pennington

Louise Cliffe

Rosie Jones

Alice Goodwin

I think Alice Goodwin is a very pretty girl.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Nude

Lindsay Lohan had a waldrobe malfunction to go along with her ongoing brain malfunction.  These Lindsay Lohan topless pics are pretty gross, and intriguing.

In case you haven't seen them ("them" being the disgusting, freckled, pale, areola-less orbs LiLo calls her breasts) they recently made an appearance in Miami.  A wave crashed into her and her top came off, amazing.

Isn't this idiot supposed to be in court or jail, or house arrest or something?

The pics are NSFW, are after the jump and should not be looked at unless you are of the proper age to do such things...

On the third pic, note the price tag still hanging off her gownish thing.  She still stealing shit?  This girl is crazier than a squirrel trapped in a bad of angel dust.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Think "Hangover 2" Is All About

I liked the first one, so here's my take on what the second one is about.

  • The guy from The Office has crazy things happen to him.  He will scream a lot and say things like "I can't believe this".
  • The fat guy with the beard that wears "ironic t-shirts" will remain calm.  The guy from The Office will call him things like "You are the rotten, burned flesh of Satan" and he will respond with something like, "I can't believe you said that, I thought we were friends".
  • I saw a monkey in the trailer, so like the baby from the first one, the fat guy will befriend it and give it a name like "Cloverfield" or "Chris".
  • The good looking guy will be a mess, but his hair will remain perfect and he will be "the thinker".  He'll say things like, "C'mon guys we can't let this turn us against each other...if we just think we can get out of it..." right then they will A) Get hit by a guy driving a moped with a dozen chickens on it B) Run over a nun C) A camel will block their path and be angered by their presence and destroy their car  D) They will arrive at the next plot scene.
  • Whatever the Macguffin is of this version, they will always be this close to finding it until some whacky, crazy random thing diverts them from getting to it/finding it/releasing it/springing it/him from jail/getting their passports back/no longer being considered president of the country they're in.
  • The movie will end with the fat guy making a funny comment while they drive/walk/fly back to the plot scene from whence the movie began.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Random Actress Of The Day With Whom I'm Obsessed

Noémie Lenoir is hot. I'm watching Rush Hour 3.

Don't ask why, I know Ratner ruined the X-Men movies but it's good Sunday afternoon fluff, while I wait for the Bruins to destroy Vancouver.

The girl seen above is Noémie Lenoir.

She is hot as hell.

Both her parents are French, so she knows how to back it up.  See what I did there?

Like most gorgeous women in Europe, they get tossed from soccer "player" to soccer "player" until they tire out and die somewhere alone, or turn into some weird , bizarro version of a woman with nothing of substance in them other than silicone:

So, here's some Noémie Lenoir before I become obsessed with someone else:

Hold the presses, apparently in "researching" her her little kickballer boyfriend treated her like garbage, because European men treat women like garbage.  Haven't you ever seen Taken? Anyway, apparently she tried to commit suicide (I mean, just look at her "boyfriend" do you expect?)

So we have this beautiful woman above in transition to either a Victoria Beckham like creature, or another statistic.  Let's hope, just for her sake she just goes completely sideways and turns into Beckham.

Appears she already is:

Well, in the time it took to make this post I've already moved on and am no longer obsessed with her.  Oh well.  I'm sure I'll find someone else in the next 20 minutes.

In fact, I think it's one of my Twitter friends.

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