Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #665

There's hype that goes unmet. Green Lantern.

There's hype that never gets attention. The Rocketeer.

There's hype that is undeserved. Watchmen.

There's hype that transcends hype and becomes truth. Dan Slott's current run on Amazing Spider-Man.

Dan Slott's run on Amazing Spider-Man right now is the last in that list.  I come and go with ASM.  Sometimes it's on my pull list, sometimes it's not - it's never been steady.  For the last dozen issues or so it has been stunning what Slott is pulling off, and issue #665 was no exception.  Incredibly drawn by Stegman and Cammo this run is going to go down in history right up there with Miller in Daredevil, Gruenwald's Captain America, Ennis' Punisher and Peter David first X-Factor.

Go, now, buy the issues starting when Slott came on board. You owe it to yourself to support the hard work Slott is doing.  And 20 years from now you can say you were there when it all went down.  Because whatever this is leading up to is going to be fucking epic.  Epic I tell you.

This. Is. Sick. Writing.

New Batman Trailer - The Dark Knight Rises

It is my opinion that Christian Bale is one of the top 3 actors making movies today. Follow his career and the rich range of characters he's played is impressive. Public Enemies was awesome because of Bale, not Depp. Batman is the new LotR because of Bale and the Terminator franchise has been turned around because of Bale. I could watch Salvation, Batman Begins and the Dark Knight 100 times and never tire.

So, the new trailer was shown during the Hairy Pooter 44 release and reception has been incredible. I actually might go to the theater's to see this...the last movie I went to a theater to see was Avatar, huge fucking mistake, but before that, it was Return Of The King.  I just hate movie theaters:


Monday, July 18, 2011

Funny Fox Commenter

I'm off to bury my Grandfather tomorrow.  While reading some news before leaving I wanted to post something because I'll be away for a few days (probably not, I'll probably post from the hotel room).

In this article about our idiot "president" playing chicken with the country, one commenter named, "shoveljob" lol, had one of the funniest posts I've seen in a while.

Obama-Peas-Prize Nominee in 57 States and Vetenarian Surgeon Dr. Sal Kohn Thwarts Liberal Terrorists

We caught up with Dr. Sal at his laboratory-cattle-ranch deep in the heart of Texas. Here's our exclusive interview:

Dr. Sal Kohn: "There is no cure for liberal-terrorists, but I can surgically modify any rabid liberal to see, think, and breathe a whole lot better than before. I do it by installing 2 glass windows - one in the umbilicus - and the other up the gluteus maximus - so these bastards can see America 360 degrees while their heads are up their proctological bulls-eye. These self-cleaning windows are fitted with telescopes, which allows mouth-foaming liberals to see the whole parade of disasters they have created due to THEIR-DESIGNED-MIS-EDUCATION-OF-AMERICA'S-YOUTH: poverty, violence, all acts of crime, and then: politicians to force-feed Americans with millions of laws, police forces, lawyers, court-houses, judges, concentration camps, corporate owned prisons and legal counterfeiting (uh, I mean the Federal-Reserve)".

Dr. Sal also inserts a radio antenna oxygen tube for gasping liberals to suck not only more air, but FOX-KNEWZ radio signals while they're sight-seeing up their derrières. The doctor further explains : "I've stopped their mouth foaming fits and seizures that was caused by hatefulness and a lack of oxygen. And this increased oxygen supply - mixed with manure methane and a laxative I use for cattle - causes the shakes and shoots their a$$e$ up in the sky like a Discovery space shuttle. And while these bastards are whooping it up out there, they've forgotten all about their COMMUNIST GRIP AND MONOPOLY ON THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND TEACHERS' UNIONS, WHICH HAS SINGLE-HANDEDLY DESTROYED THE UNITED STATES MORE THAN ANY GROUP OF TERRORISTS - ANYWHERE"!

Thank-you liberal-terrorists! Thanks for "lettin' go" of legal mis-education!

Good stuff!  I invite that commenter to be a guest blogger here!  I'm sure he's a daily reader.