Friday, August 19, 2011

Google+ Invites To Spare

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If you don't know what Google+ is you either don't need it, or need to watch this video.

Christos Gage, Avengers Academy And More

In Trouble
In my opinion the Avengers franchise is in trouble.  Brian Michael Bendis took it upon himself to extend his artistic license into the realm of a complete retcon or reboot.  That "Oral History Of The Avengers" running through some of the Avengers titles was absolutely rife with errors, mistakes, oversights and complete flubs.

One camp is arguing that he's simply trying to leave his mark on the title. Fair enough, however I counter that with Frank Miller's run on Daredevil.  Did he completely re-write Murdock's history?  No.  He wrote good stories...and that's all Bendis had to do. Come on Bendis...I've read Torso, Goldfish and Jinx. You're better than this.

It feels like 75% of Marvel readers don't read anything other than Marvel or DC so when I bring up these titles most people don't even know what I'm talking about...and those books are his best, most amazing amd imaginative stuff out there.  This Avengers crap, which seems to be flying off the shelves, is fluff...and lining the pockets of people insulting your intelligence. And The Hood with the GemstonesSeriously? Instead, he twisted everything around to make it fit what he had in mind, and Romita Jr. has been mailing in all that horrible art.  I hear someone else is coming on board but to quote a famous prince, "The play's the thing".  It's Bendis' storytelling that I need to be good enough to drop close to a fin on the table to buy and read.  And right now, they're 50 cent bin books.

Enough bashing...there's so much good stuff out there right it's a great time to be reading comics.  From Skullkickers to Walking Dead, from the brand new Hickman title Red Wing to Gladstone's, from Venom, Punisher & Thunderbolts to Morning Glories, The Mission, Haunt and Chew.  Not to mention the astounding Moon Knight (even though it's Bendis), Batman: The Dark Knight and PunisherMAX, Uncanny X-Force to the upcoming new DC titles.

Prominently pictured Moon Knight and Nova
But there's one single title out there right now that has quickly risen to the top.  When I was drowning in a sea of crappy JRJR art in 1,499 different Avengers titles I tried to pick one with the coolest lineup.  I read them all but Secret Avengers seemed like it was going to be the best.  Promsing Moon Knight & Nova (just look at the cover) yet left completely disrespected and sparsely used.  I'm an Avengers guy before anything else (in the MU at least).  Not X-books.  Avengers.  So I was quite saddened by the current quality yet excessive quantity of Avengers titles.

One day I happened upon issue number 1 of Avengers Academy.  Man, oh man was I happy to see that.

Obviously this book stuck out from the rest just because it didn't have some boring, retread cover by JRJR.  But the most important factor that made the book pop off the shelves to me was the writer, Christos Gage.  You may know Christos Gage from his Avengers Initiative run. Christos Gage picked up Initiative after Dan Slott, yes THAT Dan Slott who is currently writing one of the most epic ASM storylines of all time.

Anyway, I picked up Academy knowing I'd be reading the origins of some future heroes (and villains) of the MU.  And I knew those origins would be complex, written with heart and realism like no other writer right now - and I've been hooked since.  Collecting variant covers, seeking out signatures and basically decorating my office with Academy books.  Yes, it's that good, imo.

Nicole Sixx from Womanthology & with Christos Gage.
Christos Gage is incredible.  From his work on video games, to Law & Order to independent works like Absolution which was friggin amazing the guy simply doesn't dissappoint.

He doesn't know how. It's not in his make up and it's not even in his vocabulary.  His Home Front tie-ins to Fear Itself are outstanding...if you've followed Robbie Baldwin, aka Speedball aka Pennance then Home Front is for you as well.

Even if you haven't, Gage's writing stands on it's own, he could be writing about anyone and he just nails it. Pick up stuff with his name on it. It's impossible to be let down.

And that's a promise from me...Comics Nut.  Everyone knows my word is gospel.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alan Moore Is a Fuckwitardiot

Look, I'm 'aving tea 'n biscuits. I'm Bri'ish after awl, yes?

Alan Moore, the much beloved and be-bearded "genius" that is Alan Moore, who about 30 years wrote one of the most highly over-rated books is a Fuckwitardiot.

Since the book was written, Moore hasn't stopped telling the world how much it "changed the comic industry". He's also never stopped telling us how he wrote "lots of other stuff, like uhm, Marvelman".

Alan Moore can't stop talking about himself, and the movie gave him an even bigger platform to spew his weird, acadamia style egotism.

Listen, people have moved on. Everyone bought your book and said they loved it because the zeitgeist states they must.  Unless they like it they don't understand comic book history or something like that.  You must state that Watchmen is in your top 10 list of great comics of all time and then state it changed comics forever and you're allowed into the comic book club. 

Alan Moore and his garbage books are like that Phish fan everyone knows.  They love to tell you how amazing they are.  That Trey Anastasio is one of the "best guitarists ever".  And that if you don't listen to them or like them, "you just don't get it" or "you've got a closed mind".

Bullshit.  It's crap.  Watchmen was one of the most difficult books to get through in my life.  I felt like I was doing homework.  The problem's a cliche filled piece of crap that becomes more and more predictable with each page turn.  Other than a giant vagina crashing on NYC...the allegory and metaphors were so easily accessible, it was plain ass boring - and not mention entirely way too long. That store could be told in a 3 issue mini.  But Moore loves to hear his own voice, so he overwrites and it's hundreds of pages of drivel about pirates and Vietnam and Nixon.  Wow, so edgy and deep.  :eyeroll:

But SHUT THE FUCK UP! You want nothing to do with the comic book "industry" then stop fucking talking about it you narcissistic freak.

Jason Aaron, who has written more readable stuff in 5 years than Moore did in his entire career, said it better than I could.  And Aaron grew up actually liking Mooreon.