Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Downgraded Child President Says Hi

Posing for a picture at Disneyland, President Barry "Downgrade" Soetoro waves to his Aunt and Uncle.

Fuck You Americans!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Try And Tell Me Dems Aren't In The Union Pocket

@keder :But don't worry, these Democrats all have your best interests at heart:
Thanks to @keder for providing the link to some interesting reading.

Barry Soetoro screams at us each week about jobs.  Notice he never clarifies what and whose jobs?  He'll qualify the word jobs only so much as "shovel ready".  He isn't talking about jobs at local mom and pop shops, or medium businesses or even big business (you know, those evil rich people that hire people that actually work).

He's talking about Union jobs.  The only jobs he gives a shit about are the Union thugs that drive companies out of this country and into countries that appreciate business.  It's also a lot easier to hide illegals in Unions...Barry is making sure of that in the newest bill we screamed us down with.  It's class warfare, Union thugery and nothing else.

This economy is wasting away...and all Barry can do is try to keep his promise to his Chicago Union goons that he'll keep them funded by stealing from the idiots that voted for him - and in turn those that didn't because they knew what he was all about to begin with.

The rest of us, that realize Unions have destroyed this country, can go bugger ourselves as far as Barry Soetoro is concerned.